VAN Consolidation and Optimization

Optimize and future-proof B2B operations with a value-added network (VAN) provider

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Managing multiple EDI VANs

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Many organizations manage a complex B2B infrastructure consisting of multiple EDI value-added network services, numerous direct connections and a patchwork of outdated B2B technologies that require extensive IT resources to manage. Custom requirements from partners and a skills shortage further exacerbate the situation.

Value-added network (VAN) solutions enable companies to consolidate their EDI VAN services to create a B2B system that is easier to work with, has access to more features and typically costs less than multiple EDI VAN providers combined.

Key benefits of VAN consolidation

Leverage value-added network solutions to streamline EDI VAN services and optimize B2B operations.

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  • Reduce complexity

    Conduct all B2B transactions via a single-network EDI VAN provider to simplify and streamline supply chain processes and improve productivity and business effectiveness.

  • Gain economies of scale

    Access services and capabilities that may otherwise be cost-prohibitive by leveraging the economies of scale from a single value-added network provider.

  • Future-proof operations

    Enable business growth with ongoing innovation, support for new protocols, standards and security rules, and a range of scalable solutions.

  • Improve strategic decision-making

    Avoid disruptions, mitigate risk and spot opportunities with a single source of end-to-end visibility and insights across all data sources and business processes.

  • Speed new business partner onboarding

    Leverage extensive EDI VAN services and a large, pre-connected global trading partner network pre-screened by a trusted source to quickly find and onboard new partners.

Business impacts

  • VAN infrastructure management

    Businesses must manage multiple EDI VAN implementations. Using different systems and processes and investigating multiple points of failure increases work and complexity. Simplify operations by consolidating to a single EDI VAN provider.
  • Skilled staff

    Legacy EDI systems can only be maintained by experienced staff. Finding, hiring and retaining the necessary staff is difficult in today’s environment, impeding maintenance. Get ongoing support and expertise to keep systems running smoothly.

  • Process automation

    Organizations rely on EDI systems to automate common business processes. Outdated systems lack the necessary capabilities, hindering efficiency, visibility and security. Consolidate to a modern VAN platform with advanced value-added network features.
  • Custom trading mandates

    Business partners often mandate a specific process for document exchange. Manually performing these processes consumes time and slows productivity. Use a network that supports a wide range of connectivity requirements.

  • Comprehensive reports

    Businesses use comprehensive reporting to better understand and optimize B2B transaction activity. With multiple systems, each one captures and reports data differently, leading to incomplete reports. Simplify reporting with one consolidated network.

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Frequently asked questions

An EDI value added network (VAN) is a secure network that allows for the exchange of EDI (electronic data interchange) documents between business partners.

An EDI VAN operates as an intermediary between organizations where documents and data can be transmitted. This simplifies the communication process by enabling communication directly through the value-added network service.

Choose an EDI value-added network provider with scalable cloud EDI solutions that can integrate with a wide variety of systems and networks. These value-added network features enable seamless data exchange while ensuring your EDI VAN solution can grow with your business.

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