Digital Ecosystem Access

Secure and scale digital ecosystems with a supplier portal and seamless vendor onboarding

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Securely open the enterprise to trading partners and B2B customers at scale.

High volumes of suppliers, B2B customers, vendors and other groups are accessing the enterprise to fuel CEO initiatives for increased growth and reduced spending. But too often, the cost and complexity to enable external access to enterprise resources can erode expected payoffs. Organizations need a secure way to open the enterprise and eliminate roadblocks.

The best digital ecosystem platforms combine IAM solutions, collaboration tools and any-to-any integration so organizations can securely build, manage and connect ecosystems that deliver enterprise services and collaborative processes.

Key benefits

Securely open the enterprise while avoiding massive cost and risk for better results.

  • Accelerate revenue growth

    Quickly and securely connect B2B customers, suppliers and strategic partners to revenue-generating services with a digital ecosystem platform.

  • Reduce spending

    Replace manual processes with automated and self-service digital processes in a supplier portal to leverage 2FTE across global value chains.

  • Boost collaboration

    Expedite vendor onboarding and eliminate “portal fatigue” with single-portal technology and collaboration tools for all digital ecosystems and users.

  • Simplify security and compliance

    Leverage B2B IAM solutions to enable business partners to comply with stronger security SLAs while effortlessly proving the efficacy of ecosystem security programs.

  • Future-proof digital ecosystem access

    Create ecosystems across complex environments and seamlessly integrate with key business systems, such as ERP, CRM, WMS and TMS, to meet any value chains’ future needs.

Business impacts

  • Supplier and vendor onboarding

    Organizations continually onboard suppliers, vendors and other partners needed to grow operations. Manual processes are time-consuming and prone to errors. Automate onboarding to maximize time to value.

  • Third-party access

    Third-party partners need varying levels of access to enterprise information. Using LOB systems to manage external user access can expose sensitive data to potential bad actors. Govern third-party access with a secure policy-based framework.

  • IT modernization

    Supply chains must be smarter and more efficient to meet changing market needs. Redundant supplier portals, IAM solutions and collaboration tools drain resources and impact agility. Modernize to a single solution.

  • Supplier and partner engagement

    Organizations need open lines of communication between suppliers and other partners. Email, limited collaboration tools and content silos cause risk and delays. Connect buyers and sellers to key information with bi-directional communication.

  • Personalized user experiences

    Companies with digital ecosystems must control the information users can view, select and request. Managing access for multiple systems and applications is time-consuming. Personalize experiences based on identity profile data and contextual signals.

  • Cross-functional collaboration

    Corporate boards want to mine their business networks’ knowledge to fuel innovation and competitiveness. Communication silos stop internal stakeholders, partners and others from sharing information. Enable collaboration to mine and share knowledge.

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Securely build, manage and connect digital ecosystems to deliver collaborative enterprise services.

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