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The Auto Club Group (ACG)

Auto Club Group delivers secure digital identity and access management for members


  • Keeping pace with members' changing needs through digital interaction
  • Ability to securely and seamlessly enable access to services and products from any channel


  • Streamlined digital access to products and services from any digital channel

  • Unlocked the value of data to improve customer experience

  • Achieved security, scalability, and stability via the cloud


Leading auto and travel services provider transforms digital experience for members with OpenText Identity & Access Management.

We truly believe that customer experience and customer trust are key brand differentiators. To achieve that customer experience, you need a strong digital identity management system as the foundation. We believe that foundation is provided by OpenText.

Gopal Padinjaruveettil
VP & Chief Information Security Officer, The Auto Club Group

About The Auto Club Group (ACG)

The Auto Club Group (ACG) represents over 13.5 million members and is one of the largest AAA clubs in the national association.