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Defensibly collect and preserve data at scale for litigation and investigations

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See how to locate, collect and preserve responsive data for legal matters

Legal teams must be able to quickly identify custodians and forensically collect and preserve data in preparation for litigation or an investigation. To be admissible in court, all relevant data must be defensibly collected, stored with metadata and treated as potential evidence.

Data Collection and Preservation solutions help organizations collect data from a multitude of sources, including endpoints, cloud repositories, email servers, files shares and popular collaboration platforms, such as Slack and Microsoft® Teams.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Gain early insight

    Understand the scope of a matter and reduce downstream review costs and time to meet critical deadlines.

  • Ensure defensible workflows

    Leverage a repeatable, forensically sound collection workflow that can withstand legal challenges.

  • Enhance collections

    Collect specific files or point to a directory to reduce document review costs and get to the case facts faster.

  • Collect data from anywhere

    Enable collection and preservation of electronically stored information (ESI), on-premises or in the cloud, to ensure a strict chain of custody.

Business impacts

  • Complex, high-volume collections

    Organizations must manage several legal matters simultaneously. Manually collecting and preserving data from thousands of custodians is time-consuming and error-prone. Automate workflows to defensibly collect and preserve terabytes of data.
  • Litigation readiness

    To meet court deadlines, legal teams must quickly understand the scope of potential litigation. Legacy solutions inefficiently collect and preserve data, preventing user access to vital information. Leverage data insights to quickly resolve cases.

  • Preserve data with confidence

    Data must be collected from a variety of sources in a forensically sound manner. IT departments lack solutions that preserve metadata, increasing the risk of spoliation and sanctions. Ensure data integrity every step of the way.
  • Modern data collections

    Remote and hybrid work models require organizations to collect evidence from new communication platforms. Older solutions are not equipped to efficiently collect from modern, complex data sources. Defensibly collect from any data source.

  • Legal hold notifications

    Custodians must be expediently notified that they may be party to a litigation matter. Legal holds executed and tracked with spreadsheets and manual email notifications risk sanctions and spoliation. Automate workflows to meet obligations.

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