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OpenText Retain Mobile Archiving

Compliant archiving across mobile devices. Configuration management for hybrid IT

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OpenText™ Retain Mobile Archiving delivers secure, encrypted messaging and archiving for iOS and Android devices. Generate and consume data to meet regulatory and compliance requirements—regardless of who owns the device.

Key benefits of Retain Mobile Archiving

Message retention

Keep all the essentials

Archive SMS/MMS, PIN, encrypted SMS/MMS messages, and dedicated business phone number.

Keep all the messaging data you need to stay compliant

Easily archive data from personal and corporate devices

Granular search

Retrieve and review with ease

Users can search personal archives, and administrators can access and search archived messages for all users.

Save time with fast mobile communication retrieval

Monitor smartphone usage to ensure compliance with corporate policies

Compliance tools

Review and audit mobile data

Administrators, human resources, compliance offers, ediscovery, and legal teams all have access to mobile user data.

Easily comply with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank, SEC, FINRA, and more

Easily meet compliance deadlines for trade reconstruction requests


Export data

Easily export mobile data to share with compliance, legal, and ediscovery processes.

Data control

Users cannot alter, adjust, or delete any archived messages.

Audit trail

Complete and confidential logging for review of all auditing activities.

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