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OpenText Redact-It Enterprise

Sensitive content is just gone. Period.

Note: Users no longer need to purchase and install an entirely different document transformation engine to add redaction capabilities into their workflow. The Redact-It Enterprise brand is being re-classified into OpenText Blazon and will no longer be released as its own installable product.

The OpenText Redact-It Enterprise Server removes sensitive content and privacy information as an effortless part of your business processes. Redact-It works with any format and creates a PDF, TIFF or CSF rendition of the redacted file, leaving the source document untouched. Documentum administrators can use PDF Scheduler to start using Redact-It Enterprise right out of the box.

Redact individual documents on-demand in an automated workflow process or redact entire folder hierarchies as a batch process. Use complex expressions to automatically redact all instances of a phrase, name, social security number, phone number, account number, monetary amount and more. Or, redact predefined block out zones on common image document types.

Redacted content is actually removed in the output file, not just covered. No hidden text, document properties or other metadata is transferred to the redacted file.


  • Remove private information from public records, court documents, insurance, medical or financial records and more.
  • Batch-process archived/existing documents.
  • Automatically redact documents for use by organization role as part of your business processes.
  • Securely share documents anywhere.
  • Achieve regulatory compliance for information sharing.