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Process Component Library

OpenText Process Suite

OpenText Process Component Library (PCL) is the solution your organization needs to help you focus on creating added value for your organization. By switching from a mindset of construction to that of assembly, we help you deliver the solutions your business needs to thrive and survive in the age of the customer. The pace of change is only increasing and the time to implement software solutions needs to change in order to keep pace with what business owners are demanding. Advances in systems development have taken the artisan skills of development as far as they can. Now it is time to shift gears, to stop constantly developing net new functionality and start reusing existing functionality.

The goal of the PCL and its associated Case Management components is to help you deliver solutions in weeks not months. BPM and Case Management have been slow to embrace the assembly principle and frequently required inordinate amounts of effort to generate the business systems required.

Below you can see how using the Case Management components you are able to quickly and easily assemble fully operational service center type applications:

  • Service Center is a self-service portal for customers, employees or partners and is the place where they can initiate, track, and amend cases logged to their service provider. Intelligent handling of email and attachments, along with self-help all help to ensure the best possible experience for users of the service center.
  • Work Center, is where managers can view, track, manage, resolve, and close cases. Additionally, they can administer user accounts, create and edit checklists, manage the task library, create and edit tasks, define new services, administer surveys, and manage articles for the knowledge repository.
  • Integration components enable connections with front end systems such as CRM or back systems for content management, directory services, ERP systems, databases etc.
  • Report Center provides a wide range of pre-configured ready to use dashboards and reports. Alternatively use the standard reports as templates and easily create your own. Dashboards and reports can be added to the system screens of the user enabling them to be viewed side by side with the work for maximum visibility and ease of comprehension.

Let us help you get back to basics and start focusing once again on the outcomes and value that matter to the business. Start leveraging the PCL and Case Management today, and see for yourself how quickly you can start delivering solutions that matter.