Think outside the box

Transform HR teams with smarter information

Accelerate digital transformation to meet HR compliance requirements and optimize HR document management

Power smarter, faster HR processes

Free teams from the burden of HR document management

61% say HR is the function that most directly designs and leads organizational employee experience strategy.[1] To focus on talent retention, organizations need HR document management software that helps them digitize and automate time-consuming processes, reduce HR compliance risks, and spend more time delivering the best employee and candidate experiences.

Empower HR teams to rescue talent retention

Free up resources to focus on HR strategies with HR document management software that enables self-service for employees while complying with complex privacy legislation.

  • Break down information silos

    With files scattered in multiple systems, HR teams struggle to locate employee documents, control access, respond to audits, or apply retention policies. Gain centralized, compliant storage and processing with SaaS content management integrated directly into HXM systems like SAP® SuccessFactors.

  • Automate HR processes to give time back

    Stop wasting time searching for information, manually handling employee documents, and fixing human errors. Automate tasks, streamline processes, and support HR compliance so more time can be spent on growth and experience strategies.

  • Attract and retain the best talent

    Both the employee and candidate experience are key differentiators when it comes to talent retention. HR teams must prioritize strategies and improve their processes to deliver the best experiences that not only attract top talent, but keep employees motivated to stay.

  • Think outside the box to accelerate digital transformation

    Power superhuman HR teams to meet future business needs. Enhance existing HXM systems like SAP SuccessFactors with smarter information and process automation.

Think outside the box with HXM system integrations

Optimize HXM systems like SAP SuccessFactors by integrating with powerful SaaS content management.

OpenText™ Core for SAP® SuccessFactors®

Integrate cloud content management into SAP SuccessFactors to simplify processes and automate tasks for HR specialists. Help HR teams ensure that employee records are auditable, transparent and comply with the latest regional and corporate privacy regulations.

Explore the benefits of strong HXM integration

OpenText™ Core Capture

Capture incoming HR documents with cloud-based OCR functionality powered by an advanced machine learning engine. By eliminating manual data entry and automating data matching, HR teams can reduce risks and pressures on resources.

Integrate intelligent capture technology

OpenText™ Core for SAP® SuccessFactors® FasTrak

Engage with product-certified consultants and the collective experience and expertise of a global information management network to speed time to value.

Achieve rapid go-live

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Get to know more about powering superhuman HR teams with HXM integrated with SaaS content management.

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Explore how HR teams can digitize and automate processes to free up time to focus on delivering the best employee and candidate experiences. This interactive tour features use cases that demonstrate how integrating content with business processes can simplify daily work.

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Discover how to free HR from the burden of document management. With digital HR process automation, organizations can accelerate workflows and improve employee and candidate experiences.

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Read this success story to learn how organizations are leveraging Core for SAP SuccessFactors to deliver more efficient, employee-centric processes, create engaging employee experiences, and enable secure and compliant digital employee files.

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  1. [1] S&P Global Market Intelligence, Distributed work: 5 changes that will redefine HR's role and responsibilities, 2022