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Transform HR document management

Accelerate digital transformation to meet HR compliance requirements and optimize HR document management software

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Power smarter, faster HR processes

Free teams from the burden of HR document management

61% say HR is the function most responsible for designing and leading organizational employee experience strategy.[1] To focus on talent retention, organizations need HR document management software that helps them digitize and automate time-consuming manual processes, reduce HR compliance risks, and spend more time delivering exceptional employee and candidate experiences.

Technology turnoffs can fuel employee disengagement. Combat quiet quitting by leveraging content management to keep talent engaged and productive.

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Empower HR teams and ensure HR compliance

Free up resources to focus on HR strategies with HR document management software and reliable content integrations that enable self-service for employees while complying with complex privacy legislation.

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    Centralize document management

    Gain centralized, compliant document storage and processing with a cloud content management platform integrated directly into HXM systems like SAP® SuccessFactors.

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    Automate HR processes

    Automate tasks, streamline processes, and support HR compliance so employees can spend less time searching for information and more time nurturing growth and experience strategies.

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    Attract and retain talent

    Prioritize HR strategies and improve processes to deliver superior employee and candidate experiences that not only attract top talent, but motivate the best employees to stay.

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    Think outside the box

    Accelerate digital transformation and prepare HR teams to meet future business needs. Enhance existing HXM systems like SAP SuccessFactors with content integrations and process automation that maintains HR compliance.

HXM system integrations that support HR compliance

Optimize HXM systems like SAP SuccessFactors by integrating powerful cloud content management software with HR document management.

OpenText™ Core for SAP® SuccessFactors®

Ensure employee records are auditable, transparent, and comply with the latest regional and corporate privacy regulations.

Explore the benefits of strong HXM integration

OpenText™ Core for SAP® SuccessFactors® FasTrak

Engage with product-certified consultants to rapidly deploy and bring integrated digital employee files to HR teams and employees.

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Enhance your HR document management software

Learn how to empower HR teams to accelerate digital transformation while addressing resource limitations and talent retention.

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Explore an interactive tour of HR use cases that demonstrate how integrating advanced content management with HR document management software simplifies daily work.

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See how digital HR process automation accelerates workflows, ensures HR compliance, and improves employee and candidate experiences.

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Read these success stories to learn how organizations are leveraging Core for SAP SuccessFactors to deliver more efficient, employee-centric processes, create engaging employee experiences, and meet HR compliance requirements.



  1. [1] S&P Global Market Intelligence, Distributed work: 5 changes that will redefine HR's role and responsibilities, 2022