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per day—that's the average amount of time respondents spent searching for information needed to do their jobs[1]

Power superhuman teams through secure collaboration tools

Meet the demands of flexible work and race ahead of the competition

Budget pressures, rising customer expectations, and employee demands for flexible work are driving the need to do more with less—while maintaining growth. It’s time to think outside the box. With a SaaS content management solution that combines information management, process automation and content integrations with leading business applications, companies can:

  • Overcome resource limitations
  • Retain the best talent
  • Accelerate digital transformation
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Do more with content integrations and workplace collaboration tools

By prioritizing investments in flexible work environments, secure collaboration tools, and reliable content integrations, companies can focus on internal efficiencies that deliver better business outcomes.

  • puzzle pieces that fit together

    Use content integrations to connect existing investments

    Overcome resource and budget limitations by adopting content integrations to connect current tech stacks, line of business applications, and workplace collaboration tools.

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    Deliver reliable access to information with secure collaboration tools

    Automate manual processes and maintain secure access to information to empower employees to focus on value-added initiatives, wherever and however they choose to work.

  • Speed digital transformation and enhance workplace collaboration tools

    Maximize your content services investment and fuel digital transformation with cloud-based content management and content integrations with workplace collaboration tools.

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    Think outside the box with AI

    Transform productivity with an AI-powered intelligent assistant that uses generative AI and large language models (LLMs) to deliver chat-based conversational search, content discovery, summarization, and translation.

Address any use case with powerful content integrations

Leverage a single SaaS solution that helps companies deliver information when and where it’s needed to enhance workplace collaboration tools and increase productivity.

  • Content integrations for sales and service teams

    Spend more time selling with faster access to relevant customer information. Enhance CRM systems with content integrations that combine cloud-based content management with Salesforce.

  • Workplace collaboration tools for marketing

    Bridge data silos and keep workflows moving across secure collaboration tools. Meet teams where they are already working with intuitive content integrations into Microsoft® 365 and Google Workspace.

  • Secure collaboration tools for HR processes

    Integrate compliant document management and automation with human experience management systems like SAP® SuccessFactors to allow more self-service workflows, freeing up time to focus on strategies.

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  1. [1]Foundry Research sponsored by OpenText, MarketPulse Survey: Digital Friction, September 2023.