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See how to reduce the content chaos that can come from Microsoft Teams

With the rise in modern remote and hybrid work, Microsoft Office 365®, including Microsoft® Teams, has become the digital workplace for team collaboration, communication and productivity. Its rapid adoption comes with challenges, though. As content spreads across Teams spaces and Office applications, organizations struggle to locate, share and connect that content to related business processes.

Modern Work with Office 365 solutions streamline workflows by connecting information from Microsoft Office 365 and Teams directly into ERP and CRM business processes.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Streamline workflows

    Bring relevant information from leading business applications, such as SAP® and Salesforce, directly into Microsoft Office 365 and Teams.

  • Enhance productivity

    Automate content creation, management and lifecycle to control the content chaos that comes with Microsoft Teams.

  • Improve business decisions

    Share all relevant content between ERP and CRM applications and Microsoft Office 365 to enable a fuller understanding of business operations and more informed decisions.

  • Ensure governance and compliance

    Apply records management and governance across critical enterprise information to ensure compliance with company policies and industry and government regulations.

Business impacts

  • Content control

    Organizations need to view and manage Teams content to shape decisions and ensure compliance. However, users can create nearly unlimited Teams spaces, resulting in content sprawl and limited corporate oversight. Unify data to eliminate content chaos.
  • Functionality gaps

    Additional products are needed to fill Microsoft Office 365 functionality gaps, like backup, capture and archiving. This increases vendor proliferation and IT complexity. Minimize point solutions to simplify IT and vendor management.

  • Chat content

    Teams chats often contain valuable information relevant to strategic collaborations and decisions. Because this data can easily be lost, staff may lose knowledge or waste time recreating content. Capture and manage chats to minimize rework.
  • Microsoft Teams backup

    Organizations must preserve critical information to stay compliant with company policies and outside regulations. Since Teams cannot back up and restore information, the data is at risk of being lost. Centralize document management to retain data.

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