IT Service Request Management

Streamline knowledge management processes to clear tickets and deliver services faster

growth in IT service requests throughout the pandemic, making automation of processes, tasks and ticket-handling a top area of focus for IT departments[1]


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Digital and remote work environments are driving IT service request volumes to never-before-seen rates. Dealing with this increased service request volume without sacrificing service speed or quality is a major challenge for IT service managers today.

To improve performance and perception, IT departments need a complete IT Service Request Management solution to optimize ticket collection, process automation, knowledge management and communications and reporting.

Business impacts

  • Intuitive user experience

    Service desks have rigid processes that hinge on a single-ticket submission method. This not only hinders response times, it limits users' available channels, creating a poor and slow experience. Expand options and transform the experience.

  • Best practice approaches

    Early-stage IT departments may not have solidified service delivery approaches. Instead, they are left testing various ad-hoc approaches that drive inconsistent experiences and lower user satisfaction. Implement out-of-the box best practices.

  • Knowledge-enabled service delivery

    Acquisitions, unintegrated systems or other IT policies can lead to scattered documentation. Without a full view of information, vital insights get missed and IT teams are left reinventing the wheel. Consolidate and speed time to resolution.

  • Auditability and accountability

    Without end-to-end visibility, allocating resources and evaluating performance is ineffective. Teams need insight into request volume, satisfaction and speed to properly use resources. Maximize performance with a single source of truth.

  • Proactive risk management

    Unmanaged content causes risks, such as storage, legal and corporate information governance infractions, that lead to fines and other exposure. Users need content analytics for insight into how to resolve issues. Act now and manage risks.

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