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of public sector leaders feel cloud adoption is essential to fuel innovation and enable new business models[1]


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Governments strive to meet citizen expectations for convenient, digital experiences that elevate service without driving up costs. Rapid data growth combined with information spread across fragmented systems impacts efficiency and productivity. Plus, with technical debt and limited technical resources, government organizations struggle to innovate with current systems and infrastructure.

Government Cloud Solutions that are FedRAMP-certified enable a seamless, secure shift to digital that transforms how agencies work and collaborate, resulting in better mission outcomes and impact.

Key benefits

Connect and manage all forms of content, automate processes, increase information governance and create engaging digital experiences.

  • Improve citizen services

    Boost citizen engagement and satisfaction and ensure mission outcomes with convenient and secure digital government services.

  • Extend employee resources

    Automate and streamline workflows and manual processes to focus resources on mission-critical projects and high-value work.

  • Increase service value

    Leverage a government cloud platform to introduce digital capabilities to popular citizen services, such as application processes for grants and permits.

  • Boost internal and external collaboration

    Support cross-agency and cross-department information sharing with a single data source for secure access and collaboration.

  • Drive compliance and governance

    Introduce high levels of information security and data protection to reduce risk and support compliance with a tailored solution pending FedRAMP certification.

  • Reduce technical debt

    Minimize the time and money spent on outdated applications with accelerated legacy modernization tools such as low-code application platforms, cloud and automation.

Business impacts

  • Document exchange

    Government agencies frequently exchange information with infrastructure contractors. This information is shared across disconnected systems, making it unclear who is responsible for cost overruns. Streamline document processes.

  • Grants processes

    Grant-giving organizations must balance compliance requirements with performance activities. Manual reviews and rising costs make it difficult, impacting public policy outcomes. Automate reviews with credible, consistent grant data.

  • Technical debt

    IT departments want to enable cloud initiatives that simplify high-impact citizen services. The time and costs to manage and maintain legacy systems limits their capacity. Leverage digital government solutions to reduce technical debt.

  • Employee empowerment

    Agency employees must feel empowered to make eligibility decisions on the spot. Data silos and disconnected systems prevent them from having access to all the information they need. Connect information from leading business applications.

  • Government cyber security

    Agencies must compliantly manage sensitive and personal data found on citizen documentation. Without oversight and review, waste and fraud can occur. Compliantly manage information throughout its lifecycle.

  • Digital service creation

    Government agencies want to meet citizen demands for new digital services and simplified sign-in options. IT resources are already stretched thin, prolonging these enhancements. Develop content-rich applications without developer expertise.

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OpenText offers government agencies a bundled solution to deliver digital cloud services.

Professional Services

OpenText combines end-to-end solution implementation with comprehensive technology services to help improve systems.


OpenText helps customers find the right solution, the right support and the right outcome.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    Modernize Information Management with OpenText applications deployed on AWS
  • Google Cloud
    Optimize performance and reduce costs with OpenText applications
  • Microsoft Azure
    Accelerate migration and modernize Information Management with OpenText

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