Employee Document Management for SAP SuccessFactors

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of organizations say their HR processes are at least 75% manual[1]


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HR teams are used to complicated processes and constant, competing demands from leadership and employees. But, in the wake of current global events, new hybrid and remote working models have added further complexity. There is intense pressure to streamline HR processes, strengthen compliance and enhance employee satisfaction.

Employee Document Management for SAP® SuccessFactors® solutions bring together digitized employee documents with employee data in a centralized, secure, easy-to-access platform.

Key benefits

Exceed employee and candidate expectations from hire to retire with an agile, efficient and responsive solution that increases efficiency, reduces costs and minimizes security and compliance.

  • Focus on strategy

    Reduce time-intensive manual HR processes to spend more time on strategic initiatives focused on the employee experience.

  • Increase transparency

    Provide employees with easy, secure access to HR documents and information.

  • Offer access

    Give HR teams and employees intuitive, immediate and secure access to key HR documents and information.

  • Simplify compliance

    Ensure employee documents are secure, private and compliant with legislation that exists to protect employee information.

  • Work from anywhere

    Digitize paper files and store employee documents securely in the cloud to access information regardless of location.

Business impacts

  • Document management

    Throughout the employee lifecycle, multiple documents are created and stored across siloed systems. HR teams waste valuable time searching to find that critical employee information. Integrate applications for a single source of truth.
  • Attract and retain talent

    HR teams are competing for the best talent in a very crowded and competitive marketplace. Manually managing records and documents slows down the process and can mean losing current or prospective talent. Speed actions with automated processes.

  • Regulatory compliance

    Employee information is subject to increasingly stringent, evolving regulatory demands. Paper-based and uncontrolled information can result in potential lawsuits and unhappy employees. Make compliance easy with custom rules and full audit trails.
  • Positive employee experiences

    Employees want quick and easy access to their information. Outdated systems prevent access to key HR information and documents, especially for remote employees. Provide employees with easy, secure access for enhanced employee engagement.

  • Personalized communications

    Drafting employee contracts is a critical HR function. Manual data entry, template and clause selection and information retrieval all leave room for error. Digitally deliver and securely store personalized and accurate employee correspondence.

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