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Heeros clears the path to European growth at scale, at speed. Financial solutions specialist uses OpenText e-invoicing services to help expand international reach and build outstanding digital experiences


  • Uphold rigorous service-level agreements around e-invoice processing
  • Support multiple e-invoice formats and B2B integration standards
  • Avoid the cost and complexity of in-house platform development


  • Enables 24/7 e-invoice processing with always-on availability

  • Offers pre-built e-invoicing integrations with thousands of businesses and network operators

  • Automates client onboarding processes, cutting time to market


“We help businesses reduce their costs around financial administration and streamline their processes,” says Henri Liuska, Director – Products at Heeros. “For most Heeros clients, the transformation starts with switching from paper to electronic records, and then we can hugely accelerate their digital journey with integrated financial administration, accounting and ERP solutions.”

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By partnering with OpenText on e-invoicing services, we can focus on what we do best: making financial administration easy for our clients.

Henri Liuska
Director – Products, Heeros

Investing in the customer experience

Over the next three years, Heeros aims to win new clients across Europe, based on stellar user experience, customer service and innovative solutions, delivered via the company’s cloud applications.

“We’ve set ourselves the target of becoming one of the top three providers of financial administration solutions in Finland—and we’ve also set our sights on further international expansion,” Liuska says. “To take the lead in our sector, it’s crucial to make invoicing seamless for our clients: whether the end user is a non-finance employee approving an invoice or a finance professional managing the overall process. We want to focus on developing our cloud-based solutions to create outstanding experiences for clients.”

Partnering with e-invoicing experts

To avoid the cost and business risk of managing its own e-invoicing network, Heeros has relied on OpenText e-invoicing services to support its offering for more than 17 years. The partnership with OpenText provides the company with ultra-reliable receipt and delivery for purchase and sales invoices 24/7, allowing Heeros to offer dependable and cost-effective financial processing to its clients, at speed and at scale.

On the purchasing side, the OpenText e-invoicing network receives invoices in multiple electronic formats, converts them into Heeros’ preferred data format and then passes them to the Heeros cloud solution for clients to approve, pay and book. On the sales side, clients create invoices in the Heeros cloud solution, which forwards them to the OpenText e-invoicing network for conversion and distribution to recipients in their required data format.

“We’ve gone through several contract renewals with OpenText, and each time they’ve outperformed all the other vendors we’ve evaluated,” Liuska says. “As well as the peace of mind that comes from rock-solid service level agreements, partnering with OpenText gives us extensive international reach. Because OpenText already maintains a vast range of e-invoicing data integrations, we can onboard clients and expand into new regions across Europe much more rapidly than if we built our own connections.”

Ensuring customer satisfaction

Today, the partnership between Heeros and OpenText is stronger than ever, and the companies work closely to deliver comprehensive e-invoicing services to clients in more than 20 countries. Each month, Heeros processes more than 400,000 invoices on behalf of 17,000 organizations.

The company can onboard most clients almost entirely automatically: businesses simply enter their details into the Heeros cloud portal and they can start sending and receiving invoices within hours. For clients with more complex requirements, OpenText provides expert consultants to help plan, design and deploy custom data maps and invoicing workflows.

OpenText has become a true extension of our own team. They’ve gotten to know our customers through many years of cooperation, and that shines through in the feedback we receive.

Henri Liuska
Director – Products, Heeros

“We can onboard new customers up to 80 percent faster than competing SMB solutions, which makes the Heeros offering compelling and cost-effective,” explains Liuska. “In the last 12 months, more than 3,000 new businesses started to use Heeros solutions and many of them are already benefiting from the OpenText e-invoicing network.”

“OpenText has become a true extension of our own team. They’ve gotten to know our customers through many years of cooperation, and that shines through in the feedback we receive.”

Laying the foundation for growth

As Heeros plans the next phase of its expansion, the company is confident that OpenText e-invoicing services will provide a strong foundation for growth.

“OpenText has a great deal of local knowledge in Europe and their insights into tax, compliance and local market practices will be extremely valuable as we grow internationally,” Liuska says. “By partnering with OpenText on e-invoicing services, we can focus on what we do best: making financial administration and business process management easy for our clients.”

About Heeros

Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Heeros strives to make financial administration simple and cost-effective for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). With offices in Finland and the Netherlands and clients across Europe, the company offers an integrated portfolio of cloud solutions that automate and streamline financial and business processes.