Digital Mailroom for Sustainable Business

Automatically initiate workflows and digitize paper-based processes


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Organizations must sort through large amounts of incoming mail. Traditional mailrooms are dominated by paper and manual processes, making them slow and inefficient. Organizations need solutions that immediately transform paper into business-ready content, improve capture flows and digitize paper-based tasks such as requiring wet signatures or printing images.

Digital mailroom solutions introduce more sustainable business practices while reducing operational costs, streamlining business processes and delivering improved customer service.

Key benefits

Speed business processes with digital mailroom solutions.

  • Speed processes

    Automate capture workflows to eliminate the need to manually key metadata from digitized document images, PDFs or other incoming document formats.

  • Reduce paper handling

    Leverage scanning and capture technologies to process paper and electronic documents for immediate digital availability and to eliminate continued paper handling.

  • Reduce costs

    Improve information flow within the organization, or even within a single line-of-business application, to reduce operational costs.

  • Enhance security

    Give employees access to mail at any time, prioritized by department or document type, with secure access customized at the user level.

  • Streamline approval processes

    Enable digital signatures to reduce the need to print, sign with a wet signature and copy paper documents.

Business impacts

  • Inefficient manual sorting

    Incoming mail must be sorted daily. Manually sorting is cumbersome, repetitive and wastes time that can be spent on more business-focused tasks. Automate sorting to save time and increase efficiency.
  • Customer onboarding

    Organizations need seamless onboarding experiences. Manual, paper-intensive processes create repetitive and frustrating customer experiences. Automate onboarding to eliminate paper and streamline customer acquisition.

  • Revenue management

    Processing invoices quickly is crucial to cash-flow management. Paper-based tasks are slow and prone to error, risking upset customer calls and damaged relationships. Leverage a paperless capture process to streamline invoice processing.
  • Mortgage and lending

    Rising interest rates mean mortgages need to be processed immediately. Tight deadlines and limited resources impact financial organizations’ transactional capacity. Automate capture and enable digital signature capabilities to accelerate processing.

  • Corporate sustainability

    Organizations must meet public demand for more sustainable operations. Reliance on paper makes it difficult for corporations to reduce their environmental footprint. Digitize paper-based processes to support sustainability and ESG compliance.

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