Experience Platform for Retail Banking

Improve customer experiences for greater retention, revenue and operational efficiency


Customer experience platform for retail banking

Customer relationships are at the core of retail banking, and each interaction is an opportunity to positively shape customer experiences. The easier and more personalized the engagement, the more likely it is the customer will come back. Yet, disparate technologies and siloed content challenge banks to connect customer journeys across all critical touchpoints, leading to disjointed experiences and customer churn.

Experience Platform for Retail Banking transforms customer communications, drives omnichannel engagement and delivers insights to improve services and retention.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Deliver outstanding digital experiences

    Gain a single customer view to provide convenient, simple and engaging interactions.

  • Exceed customer expectations

    Increase brand loyalty and customer trust with personalized content and communications based on customer preferences and priorities.

  • Maximize customer lifetime value

    Uncover opportunities to increase and improve future engagement across touchpoints and tap into insights to upsell and cross-sell.

  • Improve operational efficiency and agility

    Introduce automation and data-driven processes to optimize operations and reduce risk.

  • Adapt to evolving needs

    Gain visibility into operations to quickly adapt to changing customer and market demands.

Business impacts

  • Anywhere, anytime engagement

    Today’s customers demand mobile banking experiences to handle interactions online and digitally. Providing multi-channel options often involves IT and complex processes that slow things down. Easily create and optimize omnichannel experiences.

  • Customer communications

    Customers receive inconsistent communications across departments, leading to frustrating experiences. Standardization maintains the brand reputation and provides the best experience. Automate communications with templates that ensure consistency.

  • Customer service

    Data silos and disconnected systems make it difficult to see customer history, preferences and behavior. To provide efficient service and spot upsell opportunities, employees need full customer visibility. Integrate data for a complete customer view.

  • Account services

    The smoother it is to open and use a new account or service, the better the customer experience. Traditional paper-based processes cause delays and frustration. Empower customers with self-service options to easily manage their banking.

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