Customer Lifecycle Information Management for Financial Services

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Financial Services customers expect trusted, relevant and personal experiences. To stay competitive, Financial Service Institutions (FSIs) must provide highly consistent, seamless interactions across multiple touchpoints. Yet, with information stored across various systems, FSIs have limited visibility into the complete customer lifecycle, resulting in fragmented interactions, incorrect information and service delays.

Customer Lifecycle Information Management for Financial Services consolidates information into a single customer view and improves customer data management to elevate engagement and service across delivery channels.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Gain a competitive advantage

    Optimize customer and client information and adapt to shifting expectations with dynamic, relevant services across the enterprise.

  • Grow and deepen relationships

    Create consistent and engaging customer experiences throughout the lifecycle to drive loyalty and nurture relationships that last.

  • Enable productivity from anywhere

    Connect user data management processes across the enterprise to enable secure collaboration and allow employees to stay informed and productive from anywhere.

  • Understand customers better

    Ensure all stakeholders have the most current and relevant content across critical business systems with a single source of customer truth.

  • Enforce governance and risk management

    Provide instant customer information updates to operations while preserving privacy, adhering to information governance policies and ensuring compliance.

Business impacts

  • Customer insights

    Employees need full visibility into customer history, preferences and behavior to provide efficient service and spot upsell opportunities. Data silos and disparate systems limit what they can see. Integrate data sources for a complete customer view.
  • Customer focus

    Employees must perform data entry and other repetitive tasks. These manual processes use up time that could be spent on high-value, customer-focused work. Automate and digitize paper-based processes.

  • Coordination and collaboration

    Sales, marketing and operations teams are all part of the customer experience. Without a central way to manage customer data, customers can receive mixed messages. Bring everyone into alignment with a single, real-time customer view.
  • Security and compliance

    People across the enterprise need access to customer and client information. However, not all information is relevant to all tasks and exposing sensitive data creates compliance risks. Use role-based permissions to enforce global privacy policies.

  • Employee productivity

    To resolve customer issues, employees often have to search for information stored across various systems and business lines. This delays resolutions and frustrates customers. Consolidate data to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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