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Utilities are taking a leading role in the sustainability journey. Educating consumers is an important part of that journey. However, many utilities struggle to connect with users on a personal level and across all channels. Customers do not receive the insights to achieve their goals, causing frustration and putting relationships at risk.

Customer Experience Platform for Utilities solutions help organizations transform customer engagement by creating and delivering optimized, relevant and frictionless experiences at scale throughout all parts of the customer journey.

Key benefits

Enhance digital experiences to improve customer satisfaction, employee efficiency and sales opportunities.

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  • Build and sustain customer trust

    Enhance customer experience quality and efficiency to demonstrate value and nurture sustainable relationships.

  • Optimize operations

    Reduce resource duplication across departments and silos to streamline workflows and information sharing for a more efficient workforce and lower costs.

  • Deliver personalization at scale

    Deliver consistent and hyper-relevant experiences throughout the customer journey, optimized for any device, digital channel or context.

  • Enhance customer understanding

    Increase satisfaction and retention using feedback and analytics from customer conversations to better tailor products, services and support.

  • Drive higher conversion rates

    Identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities based on customer behavior and motivation to tap into new revenue.

Business impacts

  • Customer retention

    Utilities customers expect relevant, personal content across every touchpoint. Legacy systems create disjointed experiences that drive customers to competitors for better experiences. Send personalized messages to build customer loyalty.
  • Utility consumption

    Consumers today want to conserve energy and contribute to sustainability initiatives. Typical utility communications focus on usage, missing opportunities to educate and change consumption patterns. Easily create and deliver targeted messages.

  • Issue resolution

    Call center agents need to resolve customer issues promptly. Silos and service bottlenecks make it hard to find needed data to understand, resulting in unhappy customers. Easily access data and apply analytics to improve experiences.
  • Customer billing

    Customers want to know exactly where their money is going. Confusing bills cause frustration and increase support inquiries, taxing resources. Create and deliver easy-to-understand monthly billing statements.

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OpenText offers a choice of products to drive more intelligent, personalized customer experiences:

Professional Services

OpenText combines end-to-end solution implementation with comprehensive technology services to help improve systems.

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