Total Experience for Utilities

Drive exceptional customer experiences by elevating and eliminating silos in your employee and operational experiences


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Utilities play a vital role in guiding communities toward sustainability. However, they often struggle to connect with users personally.

There is no customer experience without employee experience. Total Experience for Utilities transforms customer satisfaction by consolidating information into a single customer view to elevate engagement and service across all delivery channels.

Key benefits

Provide all employees enterprise-wide with information and a single view of the customer to deliver a seamless and sustainable customer experience.

  • Improve utility customer satisfaction

    Enhance customer experience quality and efficiency to demonstrate value and nurture sustainable relationships.

  • Empower employees to better deliver service

    Give employees information to make smarter decisions, boost collaboration, and deliver better, sustainable customer experiences.

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    Personalize communications with AI

    Enhance customer journeys with AI-driven intelligence, real-time analytics, and personalized interactions through intelligent self-service.

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    Manage risk and compliance

    Support compliance and governance while keeping data live and accessible for daily operations.

Business impacts

  • Customer satisfaction

    Utilities customers expect relevant, personalized content across every touchpoint. Legacy systems create disjointed experiences that hurt customer experience. Send personalized messages to build customer satisfaction.

  • Sustainability

    Consumers today want to conserve energy and contribute to sustainability initiatives. Typical utility communications focus on usage, missing opportunities to educate and change consumption patterns. Easily create and deliver targeted messages.

  • Employee productivity

    Employees often have to search for information stored across various systems and business lines to help customers. This delays resolutions and frustrates customers. Consolidate data to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Coordination and collaboration

    Customer service, marketing, and field service teams are all part of the customer experience. Without a central way to manage customer data, customers can receive mixed messages. Align everyone with a single, real-time customer view.

  • Customer insights

    Employees need full visibility into customer history, preferences, and behavior to provide efficient and sustainable service. Data silos and disparate systems limit what they can see. Integrate data sources for a complete customer view.

  • Security and compliance

    Utility team members need access to customer information. However, not all information is relevant to tasks and exposes sensitive data, creating compliance risks. Use role-based permissions to enforce global privacy policies.

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There is no customer experience without employee experience. Total Experience for Utilities is a set of OpenText products that transforms customer, employee, and operational experiences.
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According to J.D. Power, overall business customer satisfaction with electric utilities has reached an all-time low driven by a combination of steadily rising prices and a perceived lack of concern for their needs, support, and engagement.[1]

Furthermore J.D. Power points out that, “unless utilities bring their customers along, utilities will struggle to achieve their clean energy goals they have put in place for the coming decades.”[2] The key word in this statement is “along,” which signals that the sustainability journey is built on a relationship between the utility, its employees, and customers.
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The Utilities sector will never move this slowly again. Despite the substantial productivity gains the industry has seen in the past decade, the tempo is only going to increase.

AI, analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are key technologies to accelerate operational efficiencies, improve customer satisfaction, and personalize customer communications. By applying AI to information management, utilities can gain the full strategic value of data faster and across diverse sources.

OpenText is the world’s leader in information management and offers the most complete and integrated platform to deliver total experiences. We serve hundreds of utilities across the world, including 24 of the top 25 by market cap, in their information management journey to organize, integrate, protect, and automate data. No information management platform is more secure or scalable to manage high volumes of information at various customer lifecycle stages.

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OpenText™ Total Experience for Utility solutions include a simplified, composable platform where components can be plugged in as needed.

Professional Services

OpenText combines end-to-end solution implementation with comprehensive technology services to help improve systems.

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