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Outsource business integrations to focus on core restructuring activities


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In today’s dynamic and disruptive business environment, many companies are restructuring their business operations. Whether they are undertaking extensive merger and acquisition activities or divesting financially distressed business units or divisions, these companies will need to revisit their business integration requirements to support the newly restructured entity.

Business Restructuring solutions help businesses with IT system integration, whether consolidating or or creating separate IT infrastructures.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Focus on core business activities

    Leverage external resources to manage integration requirements and keep the focus on key restructuring support processes.

  • Support business objectives

    Utilize cloud integration environments to support restructured business operations and future supply chain and logistics strategies.

  • Reduce operational costs

    Modernize integration capabilities to eliminate the costs associated with managing older legacy environments.

  • Accelerate business growth from mergers and acquisitions

    Use pre-connected business networks to accelerate expansion into new markets and reduce time spent onboarding new partners.

Business impacts

  • IT system consolidation

    After a merger and acquisition, companies must unite teams on the same platforms and services. With multiple B2B solutions from various vendors involved, the process is costly and complex. Consolidate solutions to a single integration platform.

  • Business continuity

    Companies need to maintain IT projects after a divestiture. IT resources typically remain with the parent company, leaving unfinished IT projects and trading partner community management hanging. Outsource IT integration to plug the resource gap.

  • Regional team support

    Restructuring can accelerate businesses into new markets. Regional teams without on-the-ground support in their local language struggle to manage trading partner onboarding and resolve integration issues. Empower regional teams with resources.

  • Digital transformation projects

    Restructured businesses may want to explore new technology or consolidate existing systems. These processes can be time-consuming and/or increase the complexity of the IT landscape. Leverage cloud integration to streamline digital transformation.

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Frequently asked questions

IT system integration can reduce costs by streamlining digital processes, removing the obstacles associated with using legacy systems, and plugging resource gaps to maintain business continuity after restructuring.

Consolidating integration platforms helps simplify an organization’s IT infrastructure, speed up internal processes and lower the overall costs of daily operations.

IT system integration can be an extremely complex and time-consuming task, particularly during the upheaval associated with business restructuring. Outsourcing IT integration projects allows you to unlock the skills or resources required for successful and efficient IT system consolidation.

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OpenText supports business restructuring through a combination of people, process and technologies:

Professional Services

OpenText Consulting Services combines end-to-end solution implementation with comprehensive technology services to help improve systems.

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