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Access a pool of language specialists in more than 20 countries for all linguistic and ontology needs


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OpenText™ linguistic and translation experts unlock the value residing in a wide variety of data. Recognized for accuracy, efficiency and the quality of natural language use, the team helps organizations manage and communicate information, no matter the language or volume requirements.

How OpenText Linguistic & Translation Services can benefit business

  • Utilize one vendor

    Leverage a worldwide network of talented computational linguists, translators and lexicographers with knowledge in 75+ languages.

  • Combine linguistics and technology

    Bring expertise in linguistic sciences together with AI-augmented technology to provide maximum insight and efficiency.

  • Speed up taxonomy creation

    Access pre-trained and foundation taxonomies that cover products and services in 43,000 categories to accelerate the process.

  • Enhance program performance

    Complement linguistic services with a wide variety of related professional services from OpenText to ensure best practices and time-to-value.

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Quebec public services organization optimizes communications through reliable, high caliber translations enabled by OpenText

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The Translation Services team holds the following accreditations ensuring all translation services provided conform to official standards