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Unlock robust analytics on massive data while minimizing compute and storage requirements

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OpenText™ Vertica™ Data Platform is a market-leading analytical database that can tap into any data, at any scale, anywhere. It allows organizations to modernize their data warehouse, deploy their analytics in a hybrid-cloud environment, and democratize data and analytics. Vertica is designed for scalability and efficiency from the ground up, lowering organizations’ TCO and minimizing server requirements.

Why choose Vertica Data Platform as your analytical database?

  • Resource optimization

    Rely on an efficient analytical database that uses less hardware and storage than comparable analytics solutions, enabling lower costs and an improved carbon footprint.

  • Multi-language compatibility

    Elevate all your analytics—from descriptive to predictive—with a platform that works with SQL, Python, or your preferred visualization tool.

  • Scalable analytics platform

    Scale your cloud resources quickly and easily to meet peak workloads while allowing users to run queries 10–50 times faster.

How Vertica Data Platform can benefit business

Tap into AI, machine learning (ML), and business intelligence (BI) with a fast, scalable analytics platform.

  • Meet any data analytics use case icon

    Meet any data analytics use case

    Employ an analytical database that can use ANSI-Standard SQL, Python, or other languages to satisfy even the most demanding analytics use cases.

  • Enable faster BI and AI icon

    Enable faster BI and AI

    Leverage the power of a data lakehouse to analyze all data—wherever it resides and in any popular format—and unlock the necessary speed and scale for better BI and AI.

  • Network digital business data cost icon

    Minimize analytics operating costs

    Optimize data analytics by scaling intelligently and efficiently, using minimal hardware resources to reduce both compute and storage costs.

  • AI technology AI brain icon

    Unlock machine learning

    Utilize cluster-optimized machine learning algorithms, R, and Python to create, train, and test advanced ML models on massive data sets—supported by in-database ML.

  • User data privacy icon

    Comply with data privacy regulations

    Encrypt data in use, in motion, and at rest with end-to-end data protection to secure sensitive data and reduce the risk of a data breach.

  • Business toolkit icon

    Use existing tools

    Connect to any data integration or visualization tools with hundreds of connectors, seamlessly integrating with your existing architecture.

Analytical database features

  • Standards-based analytics

    Speaks SQL, R, Python, Java, C/C++, and other languages so everyone in the organization can access analytics without having to write special queries or consider data structure.

  • In-database analytics

    Offers more than 650 built-in analytical functions, including time series, event pattern matching, geospatial, and in-database ML.

  • Data lakehouse

    Analyzes data wherever it resides—HDFS or Cloud Object Storage—and in all popular formats—ORC, Parquet, JSON, or ROS (native Vertica)—so users can realize insights faster and more efficiently.

  • Data security

    Provides end-to-end security with support for industry-standard protocols and partner solutions, such as LDAP, Kerberos, TLS, FIPS 140-2, AWS IAM, and Apache Sentry.

  • Flexible deployment

    Deploy analytics anywhere leveraging the servers and storage you already have.

  • In-database machine learning (ML)

    Develop a wide range of analytics that inform and predict, using in-database ML to learn and decide on the biggest data sets.

  • Data lakehouse compatibility

    Access data stored in your data lake the same way you would with your data warehouse data, using support for popular lakehouse formats like Parquet and AVRO.

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