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OpenText Records Management, eDOCS Edition

Get secure, automated all-in-one records management for electronic and physical content


Provide a seamless user experience for records management

OpenText™ Records Management, eDOCS Edition improves the comprehensive lifecycle management and security of all records, from hard copy to digital, in a single location.

Why choose OpenText Records Management, eDOCS Edition?

  • All-in-one records management

    Securely manage and control all electronic and physical content in a single application.

  • No additional resources needed

    Efficiently and transparently capture all types of content as records without additional hardware, software or IT professionals to support the application.

How Records Management, eDOCS Edition can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Records Management, eDOCS Edition.

  • Increase productivity

    Seamlessly create records and assign retention codes within familiar desktop and Microsoft® Office applications®.

  • Prove compliance

    Leverage established long-term access, audit and retention controls and risk management policies.

  • Prevent security breaches and accidental destruction

    Manage a seamless custodial chain of access to records with taxonomy-based configurable security settings to define access and management permissions.

  • Maintain regulatory requirements

    Ensure compliance with regulatory storage medium requirements through OpenText™ Archive Services and EMC Centera integration.

  • Reduce content stores

    Review and destroy records at the end of their useful life to comply with established records policies and reduce records volume.

  • Gain business intelligence

    Obtain a variety of preconfigured and tailored reports with eDOCS RM with OpenText™ Business Intelligence integration.


  • Seamless user experience

    Works within the Classic DM Extensions interface for increased user adoption, reduced training costs and greater records policy compliance.

  • Single repository of record

    Stores records in the common eDOCS Library, creating a single repository of record to deliver operational efficiencies, ease administrative burdens and minimize costs.

  • Paper and digital records management

    Classifies traditional paper content, electronic documents, email, scanned images and rich media as records to comply with retention policies.

  • Comprehensive security model

    Protects against unauthorized or unlawful processing and accidental loss as well as destruction of personal or corporate business data.

  • Real-time, remote access

    Allows users to process bar codes with an iOS smartphone app and work in real-time to fulfill records requests, assign files to boxes or locations and update inventory.

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