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OpenText PowerTools for Extended ECM by Global Cents

Automate and configure no-code solutions for Extended ECM

increase in productivity can be achieved by automating tedious tasks to enable more time for strategic tasks [1]


See how to redesign, optimize and automate document-centric business processes

OpenText™ PowerTools for Extended ECM by Global Cents™ helps organizations reduce cost and staff obligations while remaining compliant. Built around drag, drop and configure interfaces, PowerTools for Extended ECM by Global Cents optimizes workflows, streamlines reports, automates document creation and publishing, and automates application deployments.

Why choose OpenText PowerTools for Extended ECM by Global Cents?

  • Drag-and-drop-driven optimizations

    Drag, drop and configure optimized business processes with features, such as auto-escalation, auto-completion and enhanced notification.

  • Multiple data source reporting

    Increase management visibility and control with reports and dashboards using multiple data sources and industry standards, such as SQL & XML.

  • Document automation

    Reduce costs and increase quality with automated document compilation, transformation and publication that apply styling, formatting, structure, signing and converting.

  • Workflow archiving

    Reduce risk and improve Extended ECM platform performance with workflow archiving that automatically extracts data, attachments and electronic signatures.

How PowerTools for Extended ECM by Global Cents can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using PowerTools for Extended ECM by Global Cents.

  • Streamline existing workflows

    Automate existing processes, without rebuilding them from scratch, using more than 300 no-code enhancements for workflow maps.

  • Expedite reporting

    Create reports, dashboards and UI in half the time.

  • Reduce TCO while improving quality

    Exceed expectations, stay on budget and reduce non-compliance with more reliable and efficient processes.

  • Eliminate low-value tasks

    Handle standard functions, such as Rename, Copy and Delete, within an auditable workflow.


  • No-code Extended ECM extension and enhancement

    Increases the ROI of Extended ECM with hundreds of new features and functions.

  • Multi-source reports and dashboards

    Creates views, reports and dashboards using standards, such as HTML, XML and SQL, and enables reports to be configured to output to Microsoft® Excel® and/or scheduled for mailbox delivery.

  • Automated document production

    Supports complex document automation for more than 300 file types from compilation, transformation and publishing to standard formats, such as PDF.

  • Single document signing workflow

    Enables staff to reject or approve and sign multiple documents with a single signature workflow, allowing for merging before signing, additional signature block metadata and PDF exports.

  • Transferrable module settings and content

    Allows users to move module settings, web reports, forms, workflows, audit reports or any of the 239 OT Object Types from one environment to the next in minutes.

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