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OpenText™ Active Intelligence is a cloud-based operational intelligence solution that improves the quality and timeliness of B2B transactions. Active Intelligence offers the exception management, collaboration and reporting capabilities to help resolve and eliminate repetitive issues. With highly configurable capabilities, the operational intelligence platform helps organizations proactively identify problems using document and process rule validations.

Choose a leading operational intelligence platform

  • Get control over B2B data

    Leverage extensive exception management and full performance analytics to increase B2B data quality and process visibility with real-time validation.

  • Minimize the impact of poor-quality data

    Leverage business rules and data validations within integrated data flows to identify and act on flawed data.

  • Improve partner and customer relations

    Proactively recognize and resolve data issues early in processes with collaborative operational intelligence tools to ease partner friction and increase customer satisfaction.

How operational intelligence software benefits business

Discover the advantages of using the Active Intelligence operational intelligence platform.

  • Increase B2B process visibility

    Quickly and easily identify issues and exceptions with a consolidated view of all B2B transactions.

  • Minimize resolution cycles

    Detect, flag and get immediate notification of issues to initiate resolution response and mitigate impact on the business.

  • Improve partner collaboration

    Introduce full process transparency and real-time collaboration to quickly resolve issues and enhance partner relationships.

  • Boost process efficiency

    Automate process requirement enforcement at the outset to streamline operations and maximize efficiency further down the value chain.

Key features of the Active Intelligence platform

  • Business rule validation

    Validates B2B transactions, such as advance shipment notifications (ASNs), in real time using configured business rules.

  • Reporting, analytics and scorecards

    Offers visibility into partner performance and key metrics with automated reporting and scorecards.

  • Quarantine bad data

    Suspends in-flight business documents, flags real-time validation and rejects based on critical failures to prevent bad data from entering back-office processes.

  • Email alerts and issue management

    Manages issues with a flexible workflow engine that generates production issue notifications directly within operational systems.

Frequently asked questions

Operational intelligence is the application of real-time dynamic business analytics to optimize data quality, boost insights and inform critical business decisions. An operational intelligence platform allows data to be shared, analyzed and distributed by internal teams and relevant third parties.

Ensuring the highest possible data quality helps organizations make informed business decisions, minimize costly errors and streamline B2B collaboration opportunities.

Vendor compliance helps promote positive working relationships, reduce the risk of failed partnerships that could be damaging to the business and ensure all parties meet their legal requirements.

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