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OpenText™ LiquidOffice™ is an intelligent forms automation platform that enables organizations to design and publish rich electronic forms, automating data collection, routing and processing. With LiquidOffice, organizations can use business rules, routing and systems integration capabilities to enhance digital experiences and improve efficiency, control and information delivery.

Why choose OpenText LiquidOffice?

  • Easy-to-build, automated workflows

    Reduce employee and customer data processing costs, automatically exchange information and re-assign data entry teams to higher-value tasks.

  • Enterprise on-ramping scalability

    Support users entering forms data and unlimited use cases across any industry and line-of-business application to on-ramp customers via any journey or application.

  • Comprehensive forms platform

    Utilize the only solution that supports form design, internal and external PDF/web-form processing, form publication, form management, zero-to-low coding and integration APIs.

  • Omnichannel data capture

    Capture data using any device and from any type of form, including paper, PDF, eForms and third-party forms.

How LiquidOffice can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using LiquidOffice.

  • Accelerate digital transformations

    Bring products and services to market faster with a forms suite that can bridge paper, hybrid and digital worlds.

  • Increase efficiency

    Automate information collection and business workflows to improve internal and customer process productivity and increase ROI for digital transformation projects.

  • Mitigate governance and compliance risks

    Consistently collect and validate information used in processes while integrating with systems of record to provide transparency and traceability.

  • Exceed customer expectations

    Leverage modern data collection interfaces to accelerate process and response times and enhance customer experiences.


  • Form designer

    Uses an interactive WYSIWYG form builder that includes highly configurable web forms, fields, actions and validations to capture and manage information. Publishes forms as HTML and PDF files and is accessible from any device, online and offline.

  • Forms automation and processing

    Offers simple ad-hoc routing and drag-and-drop process modeling so business analysts can use highly configurable, automated processes that collect and route information and documents to integrated systems.

  • Third-party web form compatibility

    Securely collects and validates information over the web and controls the routing of forms, information and documents collected between users and systems. Delivers seamlessly integrated solutions through scripting and integration capabilities.

  • Secure forms access

    Publishes and provides access to eForms with authenticated or anonymous user access from the LiquidOffice portal, websites, email and other portals.

  • Flattened PDF forms

    Supports standalone, flattened PDF forms that can be accessed, downloaded and shared from the LiquidOffice portal and opened by any PDF viewer and web browser to ensure consistent appearance and printing.

  • Integrated solutions

    Seamlessly integrates with OpenText™ TeleForm™ for paper and electronic forms solutions, and automates business workflows through integrations with OpenText™ Exstream™, OpenText™ TeamSite™ and OpenText™ Content Server.

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OpenText offers a flexible deployment option for LiquidOffice.

  • Extend your team
    Off Cloud, on-premises software, managed by your organization or OpenText

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