Asset Track and Trace

Enable end-to-end visibility with asset management and location-based services with an IoT asset-tracking solution

The IoT-supported asset tracking market will account for 95% of all enterprise and industrial solutions[1]


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With many of an organization’s critical assets not connected to a network or able to self-report status or location, asset managers rely on manual, inefficient and often paper-based processes for asset traceability.

Asset Track and Trace solutions deliver digital asset tracking and management capabilities that improve efficiency and enable customer engagement.

Benefits of an IoT asset tracking solution

Discover the advantages of using asset-tracking IoT solutions.

  • Digitize asset management operations

    Remotely manage asset tracking and keep an accurate inventory count in real-time.

  • Improve overall equipment efficiency

    Use Internet of Things (IoT) sourced data to monitor and analyze asset health and performance data, both historical and real-time.

  • Use asset investments wisely

    Prioritize and optimize asset utilization while leveraging an asset tracking system to eliminate shrinkage and ghost assets.

  • Immediately address asset breakdowns and predict failures

    Leverage asset-tracking IoT solutions with AI and machine learning to monitor conditions, boost performance and maximize availability of serviceable equipment and assets.

Business impacts

  • Asset tracking and inventory management

    When warehouse or plant workers relocate shipments, recording its new location is sometimes forgotten. As a result, orders may be lost or duplicated. Know where each shipment is, how long it has been there and its condition.

  • Directed, role-based notifications

    Equipment damage or malfunctions disrupt operations, causing significant losses if not corrected quickly. Automated, role-based notifications help enable workflows and applications. Notify the right people immediately of possible issues.

  • Equipment and operations monitoring

    Equipment and operations require constant monitoring, a time-consuming and frequently manual process. With enhanced digital twins, real-time location and performance data offers insights and analysis. Ensure maximum efficiency and mitigate delays.

  • Intralogistics and process improvements

    A single process disruption, such as a lost pallet of materials, can stall schedules and leave machines and employees idle. The faster issues are identified, the faster capacity can be adapted. Get real-time visibility into all aspects of operations.

Frequently asked questions

IoT asset tracking is a cloud-based system that connects software, devices and equipment via the Internet of Things (IoT) to track the status and location of valuable supply chain assets, such as stock inventory, equipment and people.

An asset-tracking system using IoT connects otherwise-siloed systems, offering end-to-end supply chain visibility across all touch points, ensuring assets’ statuses are known at any given time.

Integrated systems designed to improve asset traceability make the overall process more efficient by streamlining workflows, automating processes, minimizing errors and accelerating error-response times.

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