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Cyber Security

Defend against the most sophisticated cyber-attacks

of enterprises reported an increase in cyber attacks in 2021[1]


See how to secure and protect with OpenText Security Cloud

OpenText™ Security solutions help organizations of all sizes protect their most valuable and sensitive information with products, services, and training. The modern portfolio of complementary security solutions offers security analysts 360-degree visibility across endpoints and network traffic to proactively identify, triage and investigate anomalous and malicious behavior.

How Cyber Security can benefit business

  • Modernize security capabilities

    Detect and respond to threats in minutes across all IT vectors using modern XDR capabilities including endpoints, networks, servers, email, firewalls, log sources and more.

  • Secure remote workforces

    Secure endpoints and get visibility across the organizational environment.

  • Uncover hidden threats

    Leverage tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) to detect advanced warning signs and respond to threats before they can do financial or reputational damage.

  • Support a zero-trust strategy

    Achieve a holistic view into users, devices, components and workloads.