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core for capital projects

OpenText Core for Capital Projects is a cloud solution that delivers project-based content management, and enables secure document control for team collaboration. It helps organizations meet milestone deadlines, achieve compliance and improve project team efficiencies by optimizing critical business processes and reducing cost overruns.

Why choose OpenText Core for Capital Projects?

  • Strong document control and audit trails

    Automates manual tasks and reduces risks. Pushes responsibility for quality inputs onto suppliers to reduce document control workloads.

  • Intuitive user interface

    Incorporating mutli-format document viewing and markup accelerates feedback cycles, and simple wizard-based interfaces for common tasks.

  • Full ownership and easy export of project data

    The tenant has complete control over the project content unlike other systems where ownership is distributed across multiple parties making export difficult and costly.

How Core for Capital Projects can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Core for Capital Projects.

  • Accelerate projects and speed time-to-value

    Leverage configurable templates and workflows based on industry best practices to speed deployment and project setup.

  • Increase project team efficiency

    Make project teams more agile and productive with industry best practice templates and intuitive user interfaces and tools.

  • Improve ROI

    Improve Return-On-Investment (ROI) through accelerated deliverable exchange and closer collaboration through to project handover.

  • Keep projects on schedule

    Multi-level progress tracking reports and live dashboard views of key project metrics make it easy to identify bottlenecks and potential delays.


  • Templates ensure compliant processes

    Improves the consistency and accuracy of projects through repeatable document type setup and prebuild tools for process development.

  • Intuitive automation simplifies team collaboration

    Leverages easy-to-use user interfaces and secure access to project content to improve team efficiency. Workflows orchestrate document submissions, reviews, and approvals with integrated issue consolidation.

  • Simplified contract submissions

    The addition of OpenText Core for Supplier Exchange further simplifies and expedites the submission and review of contract deliverables, and the secure distribution and acknowledgement of transmittals across extended external teams.

  • Activity tracking and compliance

    Ensures reliable compliance through automated management of project documentation and distribution to create a full audit trail from day-to-day document interactions.

  • Detailed project tracking reports and dashboards

    Creates project dashboards and reports to suit business needs. Pre-defined, yet customizable, templates, allow for the generation and scheduling of reports in multiple formats, and the ability to download data for use in a preferred analysis tool.

  • Unlimited projects per tenancy

    No restrictions on the number of project templates or projects that can be created and managed.

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