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Increase efficiency with relevant results delivered via unified search across data silos



Organizational data is growing exponentially, scattered across disparate systems and eluding attempts to organize it. Too often, users do not have the right search terms or simply do not know where to look. The result is not only a loss of time and productivity but the frustration of tracking down details manually or performing redundant searches.

OpenText helps break down data silos and improve the findability of structured and unstructured data.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Improve findability of information

    Leverage automated data labeling that matches a searcher’s likely intent to help users find what they are looking for, even if they are not sure how to phrase their query.

  • Enhance search relevancy

    Automatically link data under a common hierarchy for highly accurate and relevant results.

  • Discover information in unstructured content

    Leverage AI to offer users access to the content they need with intuitive suggestions based on natural language processing and natural language understanding.

  • Deliver targeted search results and insights

    Leverage available taxonomies to train the AI models to understand the specific vocabularies and categorization used by the organization.

Business impacts

  • Document retrieval for public information requests

    Compliance with public information request laws requires that content be easily discoverable on demand. Provide relevant search results, even for archived content.

  • Unified search across internal data silos

    Data stored in silos across the organization makes crucial information unavailable to the team members who need it. Deliver comprehensive results from across intranet and document management systems in a single search UI.

  • Monitoring industry and market news

    To effectively plan and prioritize product updates and features, product managers and analysts need to stay on top of industry innovations and developments. Automate and centralize news monitoring to save time and re-focus on insights and strategy.

  • Contract clause search

    When new legislation requires contract review, or new contracts need to be informed from best practices and past experience, contract managers and legal teams assess and reuse contract clauses. Research across libraries and archives to extract insight and identify risk.

  • Index and find potential lifesaving information

    Health-impacting events must be identified and tracked for more nimble care. Implement automated custom search reports and alerts to source information from target Life Science, Health, or Public events across websites in multiple languages.

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