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OpenText Core for Building Information Modelling

Speed quality project handovers with true Building Information Modelling (BIM) collaboration, visualization, and validation

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According to a recent report from EY, using accurate digital twins can deliver a 35% increase in maintenance and operation efficiency [1]



OpenText™ Core for Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a collaboration, visualization, and validation platform that follows the BIM standard ISO19650. The simple, easy to follow interface enables rapid adoption, ensuring deliverables are correctly assigned to authors and recipients. The platform ensures timely resolution and increased handover quality by targeting individuals most able to address issues.

Why choose OpenText Core for Building Information Modelling?

  • BIM compliant handover

    The simple, easy to use interface fosters good practice in line with ISO19650, making BIM validation, adoption, and quality handover easier and more efficient.

  • Enterprise access to BIM data and 3D models

    Access models within EAM (SAP/Maximo) and other solutions (Project, Finance, GIS, CRM, ECM) to speed project & maintenance planning/execution with built-in business workspace connectors.

  • Role, task, and schedule based access

    Ensures the security and protection of IP through user access controls based on role, task, and stage of the content, allowing internal and external parties appropriate access only when needed.

  • Avoid bottlenecks and missed milestones

    The system will not allow you to break the RACI matrix by removing the last actor/assignee from a responsible or accountable role, ensuring critical roles are always assigned to keep projects moving.

How Core for Building Information Modelling can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Core for Building Information Modelling.

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  • Increase production uptime revenue

    Ensure efficient collaboration and validation of critical BIM data for digital twin creation, accelerated operations and maintenance activities.

  • Simplified handover through progressive data drops

    Fix designs for pre-agreed periods in line with the Master Information Delivery Plan to ensure consistency in design decisions across all teams.

  • Accelerate deployments and upgrades

    SaaS-based solutions allow for rapid incorporation of a simple Common Data Environment (CDE) in the Cloud to get teams collaborating within the principles laid out in ISO19650.

  • Comprehensive BIM adoption

    Rapid onboarding of internal and external collaborators, and simple project set up enables BIM for all projects large and small.

  • High-quality digital twin development to speed maintenance tasks

    Efficient capture, collaboration and verification of Building Information Modelling Data maximizes value for operations and maintenance.


  • Role based access and task assignment

    Ensures BIM data is delivered fit for future operations by engaging the project members qualified to undertake the tasks assigned to their roles.

  • Complete task visibility

    Offers a single view of the status of all deliverables, past and present, to everyone engaged in the project.

  • Easy access to data for extended project teams

    Employs a pay to use model, not pay per user, removing restrictions on the number of users able to interact with the BIM cloud server system and extending collaboration as far as needed.

  • Classification driven to ensure standards

    Uses classifications based on the Uniclass 2015 system to help define what deliverables are required, when they are required and by whom to manage Asset Information Models and Requirements (AIR) efficiently.

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OpenText Consulting Services combines end-to-end solution implementation with comprehensive technology services to help improve systems.


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