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OpenText Beautiful WebForms for Extended ECM by AnswerModules

Leverage forms in any process or automation and gain full data-processing control



With OpenText™ Beautiful WebForms for Extended ECM by AnswerModules, business process forms are no longer limited to gathering data, and can now act upon that data in intelligent and automated ways.

Why choose OpenText Beautiful WebForms for Extended ECM by AnswerModules?

  • Forms for any business scenario

    Create forms that drive business applications, automations and processes or serve as an application’s front-end.

  • End-user friendly functionality

    Align with end-user functional and UI requirements using powerful yet ergonomic forms.

  • More powerful form capabilities

    Enhance functionality with dynamic fields, external integrations, strong validations, responsive layouts and much more.

  • Easy form creation

    Reduce the time required to build professional-grade forms.

How Beautiful WebForms for Extended ECM by AnswerModules can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Beautiful WebForms for Extended ECM by AnswerModules.

  • Easily create any type of form

    Create forms for any scenario, including form-based applications, workflows and stand-alone data entry forms.

  • Ensure the best possible user experience

    Inject business logic directly into forms to guide users and ensure data accuracy.

  • Build complex forms without coding

    Easily build any type of form with a low-code, drag-and-drop form builder.

  • Work from anywhere on any device

    Use forms on any mobile device, even while offline.


  • Dynamically displayed form fields

    Uses business logic to govern what fields are displayed and need to be completed.

  • Robust client and server-side validations

    Utilizes business rules to guide data entry and ensure data accuracy.

  • External data source integrations

    Auto-populates form fields with data coming from internal or external sources.

  • Intuitive visual drag-and-drop form editor

    Allows even non-technical users to build beautiful forms quickly and easily.

  • Automation-driven productivity

    Triggers single automations as well as automated chains of events when forms are submitted.

  • Form-based UI

    Enables forms to be the primary interface in which users interact with workflows or business processes.

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