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Enhance supplier risk management with consolidated sustainability and financial risk insights

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OpenText™ Active Risk Monitor is a cloud service that allows organizations to aggregate risk information from different sources and match it against their trading partner community and partner-specific business activity. With Active Risk Monitor, organizations can assess and manage their supply chain risk to maintain ESG compliance amidst rapidly evolving requirements and regulations.

Why choose Active Risk Monitor?

  • Consolidated supply chain risk information

    Gain a consolidated view into ESG ratings, financial risk, sanctions and adverse media attention.

  • Risk assessment within business context

    Easily assess the potential impact of partner-specific risks and guide actions by combining consolidated risk insights with business activity.

How Active Risk Monitor can benefit businesses

Discover the advantages of using Active Risk Monitor.

  • Enhance supply chain risk management

    Easily evaluate sustainability and financial risk posed by specific suppliers and other partners by leveraging multiple sources.

  • Improve supply chain sustainability

    Guide supplier selection, management and policy enforcement with visibility into supplier sustainability ratings.

  • Support ESG compliance

    Take meaningful and measurable steps to further ESG goals and support regulatory compliance.

  • Act faster

    Identify and address partner risks more effectively with a consolidated, customizable view.


  • Partner ESG ratings

    Provides sustainability insights into more than 100,000 companies in over 175 counties by leveraging ESG ratings from EcoVadis, one of the world's most trusted business sustainability ratings providers.

  • Financial risk insights

    Grants access to credit reports, industry classifications, diversity indicators and globally consistent financial statements from Dun & Bradstreet so organizations can better understand business partners from more than 220 markets.

  • Sanctions and adverse-media tracking

    Complements ESG and supply chain risk management with curated insights into sanctions and adverse media related to specific trading partners from Acuris, a media company specialized in producing high-value content for financial professionals.

  • Business activity metrics

    Combines supply chain risk insights with partner-specific business transaction types and volumes from OpenText™ Trading Grid so users can quickly assess the scale and scope of potential risk exposure on business operations.

  • Customizable dashboard

    Enables users to easily identify and manage risks across the supply chain with the ability to group suppliers and other trading partners into classes based on location, types of goods provided or other criteria.

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