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OpenText Brava! Batch

Easily organize and work with related files

Note: Please be aware that 16.3 will be the last release of Brava! Batch. Salient features from the application will be migrated to Brava! Desktop 16.4.
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OpenText™ Brava!™ Batch is a desktop application that makes it easy to organize related files and work with them—including printing, viewing, marking up, converting, and even merging them—as a single group. It’s a simple way to group project or case files, for example, easily adding and removing files as needed, keeping it up to date.

With Brava! Batch, you can assemble individual files, in any format and from any accessible folder, in one batch. From there, you can print them, convert them to PDF, view the files in OpenText Brava! Desktop and mark them up, and more. You can also save the batch to access it later.

A batch containing several files and their associated Brava! markup files

Need to collaborate with external colleagues, but not sure if they will be able to view all the files? Select all or some of the files in the batch and convert them to PDF, ensuring they are easily accessible. You can even burn in any associated markups created in Brava!

Brava! Batch’s thumbnail view makes working with your batch and performing various actions extremely straightforward. Re-arrange and remove pages as needed, then simply print them or convert them to PDF or CSF format to create a new document. It’s an easy way to quickly create a submission document or archive related documents like case files, loan documents, project files and more.

Thumbnail view, where pages of multiple documents of any format can be re-organized as needed before printing or converting to PDF

Regardless of the file format, size, or source, Brava! Batch makes it effortless to assemble and work with you documents.

OpenText Brava! Batch enables users to:

  • Group related documents, regardless of their location, for easy access for as long as you need to work with them
  • Add and remove files from the batch at any time
  • Merge files or just select pages from multiple files, even of different formats, into a single PDF or CSF file
  • Print one or more files in the batch
  • Burn in markups, Changemarks, redactions, banners, and watermarks created in OpenText Brava!