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OpenText Documentum extensions and connectors

Easily access OpenText Documentum content directly from Microsoft Office 365 applications, SharePoint, File Explorer and SAP

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What causes low user adoption?

User adoption is key to successful content services-based solutions. However, when users need to learn new processes, use multiple business systems or take additional steps, it causes low adoption and work-arounds. This failure to follow procedures can lead to downstream compliance risks and additional costs.

OpenText Documentum extensions and connectors overview

With OpenText™ Documentum extensions and connectors, users can remain working in the familiar applications and UI they use every day, while Documentum transparently handles the records management and compliance requirements in the background. It allows users to easily access and work with content in Documentum directly via Microsoft Office 365 applications, SharePoint and SharePoint Online. Documentum extensions and connectors simplify the user experience, reduce user confusion and streamline document access and editing.

OpenText Documentum extensions and connectors

  • OpenText™ Content Connect

    Bridges Microsoft® Office Online or desktop applications and Documentum repositories to allow Microsoft Office 365 users to quickly access and edit documents in Documentum, without leaving the familiar Microsoft Office environment. Provides an intuitive user experience for creating, editing or consuming content in Office applications.

    Screenshot of OpenText Content Connect menu options appearing on the Microsoft Word Online ribbon menus
  • Documentum Connector for Microsoft SharePoint

    Connects Microsoft SharePoint and Documentum platforms to leverage the complementary benefits of both systems across the organization. Provides end users with a familiar and intuitive interface for Microsoft Office integration, social networking and collaboration. Offers the scalability, storage management, business process management and records and retention management capabilities of the Documentum platform. Watch the video

    Screenshot of Documentum content appearing in the Microsoft SharePoint UI
  • Extended ECM Documentum for SAP Solutions

    Combine the world of structured data, which is managed by SAP, and unstructured data managed by Documentum. Easily access all the information contained in Documentum directly from the process inside SAP. Eliminate the need to switch between applications and keep everything needed to run the business efficiently in one place.

    Screenshot of Documentum content appearing in the SAP user interface
  • Documentum Connector for SAP

    Offers secure, direct access to Documentum content and processes from within a familiar SAP interface. Supports bi-directional synchronization of metadata between systems, allowing content to be moved, copied or linked from SAP into Documentum to ensure content is secure and governed according to business rules.

    Screenshot of Documentum D2 being used to store and manage SAP data
  • My Documentum

    Allows users to easily find and access the information they require, save new content and new versions of content while seamlessly adhering to the companies’ management and control requirements.

  • My Documentum for Microsoft Outlook

    Enables delivery of content management functionality directly to the most popular business email application.

  • My Documentum for Desktop

    Provides lightweight content management functionality directly from the Windows Explorer/Mac Finder interface. View in the normal folder tree structure in File Explorer to search, open, work on and save content directly to Documentum as if it were any other file share.

OpenText Documentum extensions and connectors benefits

  • Familiar experience

    Familiar experience

    Integrate directly within Office and SAP environments to provide a familiar user experience without additional training.

  • Improved productivity

    Improved productivity

    Enable users to easily access Documentum content within familiar MS Office and SAP environment to reduce user confusion and streamline document access and editing.

  • Document control

    Document control

    Streamline Office document submission and access to ensure adherence to best practices and compliance standards.

  • Simplified deployment

    Simplified deployment

    Streamline IT processes, reduce the time to deploy content management solutions and decrease long-term maintenance efforts.

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