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OpenText Extended Collaboration

Drive innovation with collaboration across the enterprise

To maximize agility and responsiveness, companies today are focused on improving collaboration among employees, partners, and customers. Effective collaboration connects people and processes across the extended enterprise to circulate ideas, experiences and knowledge. People can quickly form cross-functional project teams, capture shared knowledge, manage processes and meet project deadlines even across geographic and departmental boundaries.

OpenText Extended Collaboration is helping teams and communities to form and focus, to work more efficiently through the process of sharing, collaborating and connecting with relevant resources and expertise throughout the enterprise ecosystem. With the OpenText ECM platform underpinning OpenText Extended Collaboration, information is governed by an industry-leading Content Suite that provides security, information governance and a single source of truth.

With OpenText Extended Collaboration, features like communities, blogs and wikis deliver content in an intuitive environment encouraging people to work together while capturing critical project information.

Your foundational investment in collaboration allows you to:

  • Work more effectively with customers and partners
  • Amplify the value of content by enriching its context with comments and discussion forms
  • Protect corporate content across the enterprise with strong records management


  • Enhance organizational efficiency and agility
  • Capture and leverage the value of collaborative work and best practices
  • Improve business relationships
  • Ensure security and reduce corporate risk


  • Effectively connects employees, partners, and customers across geographic, departmental and organizational boundaries, integrating these relationships into processes and procedures.
  • Reduces project cycles by helping teams monitor and collaborate on all project-related information, such as tasks, project status, and deadlines.
  • Enables quick launch of new communities with built-in wizards and templates, including industry and expert community templates.
  • Enables prolific community members to share knowledge through enterprise-ready tools like blogs, forums, and wikis.

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