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OpenText Redact-It Desktop

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Note: Please be aware that 16.3 will be the last release of Redact-It Desktop. Salient features from the application will be migrated to Brava! Desktop 16.4.
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OpenText Redact-It Desktop is an easy-to-use application that helps you quickly remove sensitive content and privacy information from documents—including PDFs, Microsoft® office documents and scanned images. It creates a new, fully redacted PDF or TIFF rendition of original document, leaving the source file untouched.

Redact-It Desktop provides a rich set of tools that make it easy to find and mark the areas to redact. You can simply draw a box, select text to redact throughout the document as you read, or search for a word, phrase or pattern.

Use the built-in tools to automatically redact all occurrences of personally identifiable information, such as Social Security Numbers, and dates of birth, or use the predefined scripts for credit card numbers, driver license numbers and more. Create custom scripts using regular expressions.

Whatever type of data you need to redact, Redact-It has tools to do it quickly and accurately. You can even record your redaction steps in one document, then quickly apply them to each successive document automatically.

Redact-It Desktop helps you to:

  • Drastically reduce redaction processes
  • Remove the "human fatigue" factor from manual redaction processes
  • Ensure redacted content is really removed
  • Comply with internal and external policies and regulations for data protection and sharing
  • One-time set-up for multiple documents: Record a reusable script to quickly apply redactions to subsequent documents.
  • Text search: Search for words, phrases, or a list of search terms. Use regular expressions to create custom search algorithms.
  • Pattern matching: Use pre-defined scripts for standard patterns like phone numbers, Social Security numbers and credit card numbers or create your own.
  • Redaction reports: Quickly create a Vaughn index, privilege log or FOIA release report detailing what was redacted in each document. Redact-It creates an individual report for each document, which can be compiled into a single CSV file with Redact-It Reports.
  • Reason/Exemption codes: Apply reason codes interactively or limit them to a set of pre-defined exemptions like FOIA codes.
  • Audit logs: Details what redaction searches were performed, what was found and redacted, whether a complete document verification was performed and the total time spent on the document.
  • Bates numbers: Apply Bates numbers or other needed information in print banners.
  • Collaborative Review: Allows multiple reviewers to suggest redactions before finalizing.

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