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OpenText ActiveView

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Your organization relies on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to maximize the value and minimize the risk of business information, but vast libraries of content can be overwhelming for casual users and it's essential that the system is really easy to use. By redesigning menus, removing superfluous items from view, and bringing required actions together in one view, you can provide users with an experience optimized to their role and required tasks.

OpenText ActiveView is an add-on for Content Server that customizes the end-user experience with simplified interfaces tailored to display the relevant information and actions needed to perform role-based knowledge work. Easy to implement and available across multiple devices, users can personalize their experience without complex coding.

Why Choose OpenText ActiveView?

OpenText ActiveView delivers the following benefits:

  • An enriched user experience with personalized, role-based views
  • Easy to use and fast-to-deploy interfaces
  • Expanded access to information with content available across multiple device interfaces (BlackBerry®, iPhone®, or table, at well as laptops and PCs)

ActiveView delivers the information you need, wherever you are, the way you need it.

What OpenText ActiveView Can Do For You

  • Simplify complex content: Provide elegant views and display as much or as little detail as necessary for any role in the organization.
  • Improve user adoption: Bring common actions and information together within context of the work being done by each user, project, and action
  • Reveal hidden information: Enable the discovery of information from libraries of Category, Attribute, and Records Management metadata using dynamic data overlays and views

OpenText ActiveView enhances Content Server to deliver relevant information to bolth average and advanced end users quickly, and through any device they are using. Without the need for custom coding, your organization benefits from lower total cost of ownership, faster implementation, and increased user adoption with the following features:


Simple interface design wizard: Enable business users to customize folder browse lists and surface hidden metadata, including Records Management data, at the click of a button

Extensive Template Library: Leverage pre-defined templates to allow ready customization of standard Content Server views. All templates are performance optimized to reduce rendering time, enabling users to work faster and more efficiently

Customize all aspects of the Content Server interface: Create custom override menus, overview pages, information panels, workflow views, personal pages (eg. Favourites), and more

Device-dependent views: Provide device-specific presentation of content based on the profile of the device used to view Content Server

Dynamic interface customization: Create personalized header, footer, and custom-view content. Present views dynamically added to the functional role of the viewer

Using the leading framework for OpenText Content Server, you can enhance the end-user experience with clear, role-based interfaces customized to support various needs within your organization.

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