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OpenText™ analytics allows you to analyze Big Data with total flexibility and ease, providing you with 1,000 times faster performance than traditional relational databases.

Columnar Database Technology

FastDB, the engine that drives the advanced analytics capabilities of the OpenText™ Magellan™ Analytics Suite is based on Columnar Database technology that runs on a lightweight server. Columnar Database technology provides a data storage schema optimized for analysis. It enables you to analyze extremely large volumes of data quickly, providing 1000x faster performance than traditional relational databases (RDB).

Supported by a web-based, visual ETL module, the FastDB engine loads data from nearly every data source, enabling average users to load data for themselves and absolving IT from building time-consuming ETL routines. It minimizes IT effort and speeds time-to-analysis across your organization. You get the most value out of your data, enabling you to reach your business goals in less time.

Data Preparation: FastDB support normalization, scaling, and remapping operations that prepare a data column to meet conditions required by each data mining algorithm. Preprocessing data applies a mathematical operation to values in a data column.