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If you are not getting what you need from your current vendor, it may be time to move on. Partner with an enterprise content services platform provider that delivers what you need, when you need it.

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Global availability

Support for all regions

Limited to US data centers

Hybrid cloud deployments

Private, public or hybrid cloud, multi-tenant SaaS, on-premises

None (SaaS only)

Deep application integrations

Numerous productized integrations with Microsoft® and SAP® across private cloud and SaaS

Weak integrations, SaaS only Microsoft® solution, limited integration with SAP®

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Learn why the future of the workplace is cloud

In a world of accelerating change, and new ways to work, document sharing solutions, such as Box Content Cloud and Box Platform, struggle to meet the needs of the modern enterprise. Employees require access to the relevant information for their jobs, wherever and however they choose to work.

To master modern work and gain the information advantage, organizations must have enterprise content collaboration solutions with deep integration into the business applications their teams use every day and the flexibility to run anywhere. Choose a partner that helps you master modern work.

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Innovate business processes to empower workforces with flexible digital workplaces, increased agility and stronger information protection to address current business needs and evolving challenges.

  • Master operational efficiency

    Information overload and content sprawl impact productivity, while siloed information slows processes. Bring document sharing together with integrated enterprise content services to speed the delivery of timely and relevant information across the organization and improve operations.

  • Master information protection

    As easy access to information expands, so do security risks. Strengthen information protection within content services to adapt to evolving requirements, identify sensitive and risky content and provide end-to-end visibility.

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