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Matrix Logic Corporation

Matrix Logic Corporation (MLC) has been one of the few select Partners for OpenText™ eDOCS DM for over 20 years. They provide strategic planning and technical services for Document, Records, and Contract Management Solutions with resources throughout the USA. Their clients are worldwide and include law firms, corporate legal departments, government agencies, and private businesses. Matrix Logic Corporation produces administrative utilities and tools that enhance OpenText™ eDOCS and Content Server platforms.


Region US
Product focus SALT - eDocs
Type of partnership Reseller;GSA
Industry focus Automotive;Financial Services;Insurance;Legal;Manufacturing;Retail;Telecommunications;Consumer Packaged Goods;Education;Computer Software;Utilities;Distribution & Transportation;Energy;Healthcare;Media & Entertainment;Professional Services;Public Sector;Travel;Computer Hardware
Partner level Silver

Products and Services Overview

They specialize in Document, Records, and Contract Management, together with a core group of integrating applications. They offer installation, support, training for users and administrators, and consulting for project planning. Matrix Logic also provides customized programming and ongoing maintenance services. They are widely regarded as experts in Document and Records Management. Matrix Logic is the worldwide leader in the production of OpenText™ eDOCS DM administrative utilities.

Corporate Address

1380 East Ave Ste 124-240