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Multinational technology hub brings innovative solutions to market 25% more efficiently by leveraging OpenText™ APIs

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About Stratesys

Stratesys provides technology consulting, managed services, solution development, and integration services. For over two decades, the company has served a broad range of industries, including energy and utilities, consumer goods, and life sciences.

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  • Employees:
  • Revenue:
    €91.5 million
  • Headquarters:
    Madrid, Spain



  • Providing best-in-class solutions to businesses in highly regulated industries.
  • Streamlining and enhancing software development processes.


  • Incorporated easy-to-use APIs into the development process.
  • Cut the learning curve for developers, helping them to leverage the new services quickly.
  • Facilitated the launch of new solutions.


  • Reduced development costs by up to 35%
  • Boosted development efficiency by 25%
  • Offered new functionalities faster


  • Providing best-in-class solutions to businesses in highly regulated industries
  • Enhancing information management capabilities to help meet clients' goals
  • Streamlining the development of new solutions

For more than 25 years, Stratesys has developed and deployed solutions that empower enterprises to drive digital transformation, unlock new sources of business value, and facilitate growth. With more than 1,500 employees across Europe and the Americas, the company has a strong focus on heavily regulated industries such as energy, consumer goods, finance, healthcare, and life science.

Luis Fernández-Sanguino, managing partner at Stratesys, said, “We work closely with our clients to understand their pain points and deliver technology solutions to help them realize their goals. Many of these projects demand robust information management [IM] capabilities—and our partnership with OpenText has enabled us to bring best-in-class IM solutions to hundreds of businesses.”

To build on its successful partnership, Stratesys has become a member of the OpenText Solution Extension (SolEx) Program—an initiative that empowers partners to extend the capabilities of OpenText technology solutions to address demanding industry challenges.

As a member of the SolEx program, Stratesys gains early access to the latest cutting-edge solutions from OpenText. When the company announced the launch of OpenText Cloud Platform Services, Stratesys immediately recognized their potential to streamline and enhance its solution development process.

“OpenText Cloud Platform Services offers open access to OpenText’s industry-leading IM capabilities, delivered via secure and streamlined APIs,” explained Fernández-Sanguino. “We were confident that the solution could boost the efficiency of our development process significantly, and we were eager to learn more.”

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The combination of our experienced development team and the ease of using the OpenText APIs helped us to reduce our development costs for the new solutions by up to 35%.

Luis Fernández-Sanguino
Managing Partner, Stratesys


Stratesys is putting OpenText Cloud Platform Services at the heart of its solution development process—helping it to build innovative custom and turnkey solutions powered by OpenText technology.

Products deployed

Leveraging easy-to-use APIs

To explore the capabilities of OpenText Cloud Platform Services, Stratesys took part in the first-ever hackathon event for the solution, held at OpenText World.

Fernández-Sanguino recalled, “One of the best things about the OpenText APIs is how intuitive and well-documented they are. During the hackathon, each participant was challenged to create a pre-defined app using the APIs in the shortest possible time. We completed the task in just 1 hour and 30 minutes—the fastest time of any participant. This experience really drove home to us just how easy the APIs are to use.”

Cutting the learning curve for developers

Following its success at the hackathon, Stratesys performed a detailed evaluation of OpenText Cloud Platform Services. The aim was to determine how the organization might leverage the solution to support its development projects for global clients.

“Stratesys is committed to continuous innovation, and we have a dedicated research and development [R&D] team to explore potential new technology solutions,” said Fernández-Sanguino. “To put OpenText Cloud Platform Services through its paces, our R&D team assigned a junior member of our developer academy with minimal experience using OpenText solutions to use the platform to build a new digital service. The learning curve was significantly shorter than other APIs that we have used in the past.”

Launching new solutions

Impressed by the capabilities of the new services, Stratesys has made the new APIs an integral part of its development toolkit. To date, the company has launched six new solutions powered by OpenText APIs, and it plans to rearchitect many of its existing solutions to leverage the new capabilities.

“We used OpenText APIs to help enhance and extended our GxP Suite—a set of five applications that empower organizations such as life sciences companies to implement a compliant and cost-effective quality management strategy,” explained Fernández-Sanguino. “We also use OpenText APIs to enable Mamut, a solution that allows enterprises to make mass updates to their business data while maintaining a complete audit trail of the changes for compliance purposes.”

Partnering with a global enterprise like OpenText gives us the peace of mind that our clients will get responsive support wherever we operate.

Luis Fernández-Sanguino
Managing Partner, Stratesys


By leveraging OpenText Cloud Platform Services, Stratesys is reducing the cost and manual effort involved in its development process—empowering the organization to bring innovative solutions to market more efficiently than ever.

Reducing development costs by up to 35%

So far, almost a quarter of Stratesys clients are using solutions powered by the new OpenText APIs. In the years ahead, the company anticipates that this number will increase as more companies pursue a cloud-first strategy.

“We are quickly growing the userbase for our GxP Suite and Mamut solutions,” said Fernández-Sanguino. “During the development process, one thing that really stood out to us was the time and effort that OpenText put into preparing effective API documentation and training materials. The combination of our experienced development team and the ease of using the OpenText APIs helped us to reduce our development costs for the new solutions by up to 35%.”

Boosting development efficiency by 25%

By avoiding the need to build digital services from scratch, Stratesys is also measuring a substantial reduction in development effort.

Fernández-Sanguino commented, “We do two major releases a year, and we haven’t changed that release schedule since we adopted the new OpenText APIs. However, after analyzing the time we’ve spent developing our new applications, we see that we’re reducing the manual effort in the process by around 25%. As a result, our team can spend more time on value-added work.”

Offering new functionalities faster

The new API services are transparent to end users and they also give Stratesys clients real-time access to the latest technology innovation from OpenText.

“When OpenText introduces a new IM capability or security update, our clients get the benefit immediately,” explained Fernández-Sanguino. “Adopting an API architecture also enables us to innovate our solutions much more quickly and effectively. We’re very interested in the work that OpenText is doing around AI, and we plan to explore the possibility of adding these capabilities to our solutions in the near future.”

Fernández-Sanguino concluded, “Over the last decade, we’ve expanded our business into international markets, and partnering with a global enterprise like OpenText gives us the peace of mind that our clients will get responsive support wherever we operate. One of the best things about partnering with OpenText is that they’re always listening, innovating and growing—and we look forward to many more years of successful cooperation.”


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Cutting time-to-market for new solutions with enhanced development efficiency

Luis Fernández-Sanguino, Managing Partner at Stratesys, explains how OpenText™ APIs are helping to lift development efficiency by 25%

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