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Information management specialist cuts time to market for new products and expands potential customer base 10x with OpenText™ Cloud Platform Services

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About One Fox

Based in the Netherlands, One Fox delivers business process management, collaboration, and information management solutions that help companies achieve digital transformation.

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    Utrecht, the Netherlands



  • Many public sector organizations in Europe must archive emails and other documents for compliance purposes.
  • Smaller departments lack the resources to deploy and manage their own IM platforms.


  • Leveraged proven, cloud-based APIs to rapidly develop an IM solution.
  • Eliminated the need to build key services from scratch.
  • Facilitated the launch of brand-new products.


  • Accelerated development by up to 75%
  • Increased market reach by 10x
  • Strengthened competitive advantage


  • Many public-sector organizations in Europe must retain documents for compliance purposes
  • Smaller government departments lack the in-house resources to deploy and manage their own information-management platforms

Headquartered in Utrecht in the Netherlands, One Fox specializes in IT solutions for business process management, collaboration, and information management (IM). Through its long-term partnership with OpenText, the company has helped over a hundred organizations streamline their workflows and achieve digital transformation.

Maurice Romijn, marketing manager at One Fox, explained, “We have deep experience of implementing many solutions in the OpenText portfolio, including OpenText AppWorks, Extended ECM and OpenText eDOCS.”

One Fox engages with enterprises across a broad range of industries, including private companies and government organizations. For public-sector organizations in Europe, IM capabilities from OpenText are especially valuable to address regulatory requirements around document retention.

Romijn continued, “There are rules and regulations in the Netherlands and other European countries that require government organizations to store emails, documents, and even social media posts for a set period of time. Solutions such as OpenText Extended ECM and Core Content are the perfect fit for these use cases, as they allow organizations to apply robust retention and data governance frameworks to their documents in a highly efficient way.”

One Fox recognized an opportunity to bring the benefits of IM solutions from OpenText to an even broader market. In particular, the company looked for a way to make the solutions easy to deploy and as cost-effective as possible for smaller organizations.

“In the Netherlands alone, there are hundreds of public-sector organizations that need to archive e-mails, documents and social media posts for compliance purposes. These organizations generally lack the in-house resources to deploy and manage an enterprise-class IM platform,” said Romijn. “We decided to build an out-of-the-box solution tailored to these types of organizations: One Fox Keep for Intelligent Email Archiving and Social Media Archiving. The aim was to bring this intelligent automation solution, alongside the benefits of IM capabilities from OpenText, to small- and medium-sized organizations in the public sector and beyond.”

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Many smaller government organizations don’t have the resources to manage their own enterprise-class IM platform and deliver business solutions rapidly, but with OpenText Cloud Platform Services we can deliver these capabilities and solutions via the cloud.

Maurice Romijn
Marketing Manager, One Fox


Using OpenText Cloud Platform Services, One Fox gains access to proven IM services via secure, scalable APIs—empowering its development teams to rapidly build effective new solutions for its target market.

Services provided

  • OpenText™ Cloud Platform Services

    Unencumbered developer access to a wide selection of Information Management products, features, SDKs, APIs and cloud services in any architecture

Building on a proven partnership’s cloud APIs

For One Fox, adopting OpenText Cloud Platform Services was the natural continuation of a strong partnership of more than two decades. Romijn elaborated, “OpenText is the global leader in IM solutions and our go-to choice to help clients build efficient and compliant content workflows. Responsive support services and a strong global presence make OpenText the perfect partner for our clients.” He continued, “Our first impressions of OpenText Cloud Platform Services were extremely positive. By using OpenText APIs, there’s no need for our developers to reinvent the wheel—we can access best-in-class content storage, distribution, and records-management services directly from the OpenText Cloud.”

Eliminating the need to build key services from scratch

When OpenText invited One Fox to attend a hackathon to put the APIs to the test, the company discovered just how fast and easy it is to use OpenText Cloud Platform Services to build new products.

“Right there at the hackathon, we created our first ever offering with OpenText Cloud Platform Services: Cloud Platform Services connectors for Microsoft Power Automate,” explained Romijn.

“The Connector integrates OpenText Core Services, Risk Guard with Microsoft Power Automate and Microsoft 365, including Outlook and Teams, which in turn provides organizations with an intelligent solution to automatically assess, clarify and archive emails, documents and chats securely in OpenText Core Content. We can even connect this solution with over 1,000 business applications from Microsoft, SAP and many more. The fact that we were able to create a minimal-viable product in just a few hours is testament to the power of the OpenText APIs.”

Launching brand-new products

Today, a core part of this intelligent automation solution, the OpenText connectors for Microsoft Power Automate, are available via the OpenText Solution Extension (SolEx) Marketplace. This central platform for partner solutions extends the capabilities of OpenText products.

“One Fox uses a multi-cloud strategy,” said Romijn. “We leverage the OpenText Cloud Platform Services and combine them with the Microsoft Cloud environment, including our SolEx offering: Microsoft Power Automate connectors for OpenText Extended ECM, Documentum, eDOCS, Core Share and Core Signature.  We use these connected Cloud platforms to bring additional API-powered solutions to market.”

Crucially, the new platform is a key enabler of One Fox’s brand-new communications archiving offering, aimed at small- and medium-sized government organizations. “OpenText APIs are the foundation of One Fox Keep: the Intelligent Email Archiving and One Fox Intelligent Social Media Archiving,” said Romijn. “Specially developed for government organizations in Europe, these solutions use content storage and records management capabilities from the OpenText Cloud and intelligent automation from One Fox to help clients preserve key records in line with regulatory requirements.”

With OpenText Cloud Platform Services at the heart of our solutions, we’ll be in a strong position to keep pace with the latest AI innovation.

Maurice Romijn
Marketing Manager, One Fox


Thanks to OpenText Cloud Platform Services, One Fox has slashed the time and cost of the solution development process, enabling it to bring value-added solutions to market rapidly and expand its client base.

Accelerated development by up to 75%

Through the use of OpenText APIs, One Fox empowered its developers to work significantly faster. With ready-for-use IM capabilities from the OpenText Cloud, the company has shrunk time, effort, and costs, enabling it to bring new innovations to market rapidly.

“Without OpenText Cloud Platform Services, it would probably have taken us over a year to build these new solutions,” said Romijn. “By leveraging OpenText APIs, we delivered a turnkey communications archiving solution for the public sector in a matter of months, accelerating our delivery by up to 75%.”

Increased market reach by 10x

In addition to streamlining its development process, OpenText Cloud enables One Fox to deliver enterprise-class IM capabilities in a highly cost-efficient way. Based on this optimized deployment model, One Fox can reach into new market sectors and broaden its potential client base substantially.

Romijn confirmed, “Many government organizations don’t have the resources to manage their own enterprise-class IM platform, but with OpenText Cloud Platform Services we can deliver these capabilities via the cloud. Our intelligent communications archiving solution One Fox Keep is so cost-effective that we’ve increased the size of our target market by a factor of ten, which creates valuable business growth opportunities for One Fox.”

Strengthened competitive advantage

By partnering with a global leader in the IM space, One Fox is sharpening its own competitive edge in Europe and beyond.

“Our partnership with OpenText is definitely a source of competitive advantage,” said Romijn. “The company has excellent reach and reputation, which will be a major asset as we begin to expand our solutions outside our domestic market in the Netherlands.”

Romijn concluded, “Looking ahead, we see that Artificial Intelligence is set to transform the way that organizations around the world manage and utilize content. With OpenText Cloud Platform Services at the heart of our solutions, we’ll be in a strong position to keep pace with the latest AI innovations and implement them rapidly.”


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