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Multinational energy corporation accelerates access to key asset management data with OpenText Documentum D2


About the customer

This energy company works to provide reliable, affordable and cleaner energy for millions of people around the world.

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  • Revenue:
    Over $200 billion USD
  • Employees:
    Over 35,000



  • Engineers must inspect and maintain thousands of assets.
  • The company aimed to deliver asset data to field teams more efficiently.


  • Deepened OpenText partnership by moving to Documentum D2.
  • Deployed a scalable, containerized platform on Azure.
  • Streamlined key IT processes to accelerate value-added service delivery.


  • Enabled field teams to access information faster
  • Converted legacy paper records into searchable data
  • Set the stage for SAP® S/4HANA integration


  • Thousands of assets to inspect and maintain
  • On-premises document management infrastructure complex to manage
  • Limited time available for IT to develop new business services

More than ever, this global energy company runs on data. To keep a diverse and extensive asset base running smoothly around the clock, the company performs regular inspections and harnesses data on asset condition to help optimize planned maintenance schedules.

A spokesperson from the company explained, “Fundamentally, we are an information company. From drilling to completions, there's always information to be gathered, and those insights are vital to the success of our business.”

For almost 20 years, the energy company has relied on OpenText™ Documentum™ to deliver a single, reliable system of record for vital business data, including asset management information. As part of a far-reaching digital transformation initiative, the company aims to further enhance its approach to information management.

“Our transformation initiative has many workstreams, including a move to the next-generation ERP, SAP S/4HANA,” the spokesperson continued. “When it comes to information management, our goal is to cut time to insight by leveraging intelligent automation to deliver information to the right people and the right time.

“For example, if a facilities engineer is scheduled to perform a routine maintenance task at a particular site and there is another asset nearby that’s due for inspection the next day, we want to proactively surface that information to the employee, allowing them to avoid making multiple trips to that site.”

To lay the foundations for these new capabilities, the company first aimed to upgrade and streamline its Documentum environment, which was previously hosted in an on-premises data center.

“One of our early objectives was to transition away from utility IT, allowing us to focus on providing value to the business,” said the spokesperson. “To deliver on our transformation goals, we decided to move from Documentum Webtop to the intuitive Documentum D2 UI—offering greater personalization for our business users. At the same time, we were keen to eliminate low-level IT management tasks by moving to a robust cloud infrastructure.”

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By moving to Documentum D2, we gain the latest personalization and employee productivity advantages from the solution without the complexity and risk of deploying a totally new document management environment.

Spokesperson, Global energy company


To accelerate digital transformation, the global energy company partnered with OpenText Professional Services to design and implement a future-ready, cloud-based document management infrastructure running OpenText™ Documentum™ D2 in Azure.

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Building on a decades-long partnership

For the energy company, building on its successful, decades-long collaboration with OpenText was the clear choice.

“Of all the document management systems on the market today, we see that OpenText Documentum ranks highly against all our core criteria, especially security and compliance, and top analyst firms like Gartner and Forrester agree,” confirmed the spokesperson.

“By moving to Documentum D2 from Documentum Webtop, we gain the latest personalization and employee productivity advantages from the solution without the complexity and risk of deploying a totally new document management environment.”

Boosting efficiency in the cloud

By partnering with OpenText Professional Services and Azure experts from Microsoft, the company has adopted a containerized platform that dramatically reduces the time and effort required for routine solution upgrades and management tasks.

“From the outset, our aim was to develop a system with minimal customization and maximum scalability,” recalled the spokesperson. “By working with OpenText Professional Services, we’ve achieved those goals.”

Optimizing key processes

In the past, a team of 18 IT employees spent most of their working days focused on low-level management tasks, often taking three or more months to deliver new functionality to the business. Today, the containerized environment allows a single employee to review and approve a DevOps pipeline that deploys upgrades and patches automatically.

The spokesperson commented, “Our vision of moving from utility IT to value-added service delivery has been an outstanding success. Today, my team and I can spend our time thinking about how to configure Documentum D2 to add value to our end users—for example, by enabling new types of process automation or adding self-service capabilities.”

The spokesperson added, “We greatly value support from OpenText Professional Services when it comes to process optimization. We worked closely with the team to develop a digital workflow for concurrent engineering: an activity that brings together stakeholders such as electricians, mechanical engineers and civil engineers during the design of a new facility. OpenText played a huge part in co-developing a concurrent engineering workflow, powered by Documentum D2.”

Our collaboration with OpenText is paving the way for our company to co-create a next-generation content management platform, and we’re excited to take that next step on our journey together.

Spokesperson, Global energy company


With Documentum D2, the energy company can deliver new functionalities to its asset management teams in days, not months. Today, the company is continuing its partnership with OpenText as it moves into the next phase of its transformation.

Enabled field teams to access information faster

By shaping digital content workflows in Documentum D2, the energy company is already accelerating access to key information for maintenance teams, but the company’s appetite for innovation doesn’t end there.

“Today, we’re enabling key stakeholder groups, such as facilities engineers, to find all the information relevant to their day’s work in less than three minutes,” explained the spokesperson. “Looking forward, our goal is to surface that information proactively using AI—a fundamental shift in our approach that will bring even greater efficiency benefits to the organization.”

Converted paper into searchable data

As it continues its transformation initiative, the global energy company is working with OpenText to convert legacy paper records into digital content using Intelligent Capture. This physical records management solution allows the company to leverage automation to ingest large volumes of content with high levels of accuracy and control.

“Bringing our extensive paper archive into the cloud is an ongoing activity, but OpenText Intelligent Capture is making the process straightforward,” added the spokesperson. “As soon as we bring a document into Documentum D2, we gain the immediate benefits of fine-grained search and rapid retrieval. And by applying retention policies to our legacy documents, we can ensure that we do not store any information longer than we need to, helping to ensure cost-efficiency and compliance.”

Prepared to enable end-to-end integration

Looking ahead, the next stage of the energy company’s information management transformation will see the organization move to OpenText™ Extended ECM Documentum™ for SAP® Solutions. By integrating the solution with SAP S/4HANA, the company is confident that it will further streamline content flows across the business.

“I recently had the opportunity to meet some OpenText engineers, and I was deeply impressed by how many talented people are working on their solutions,” concluded the spokesperson. “Our collaboration with OpenText is paving the way for our company to co-create a next-generation content management platform, and we’re excited to take that next step on our journey together.”