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OpenText delivers data-driven personal insight into 300+ million users through Catch Media’s Analytics and Engagement Intelligence Platform, driving lifetime value and increasing revenue

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  • 50% increase in engagement through data-driven segmentation
  • Management of one-to-many relationships
  • Flexible data hosting options
  • Unlimited historical data querying without need to pre-aggregate


Implement a data analytics platform capable of tracking hundreds of millions of users, with tens of billions of data event transactions processed in near-real-time on a monthly basis, with no data aggregation or reduction in query performance or feature limitations.

The media and entertainment industry is changing rapidly. Film studios are overtaken by TV streaming players, the music streaming market is exploding, and an estimated 33 million customers have “cut the cord” in the U.S. by the end of 2018, choosing streaming options instead. Content providers have to put the right material in front of the right customer at the right time. No one is more aware of this than Catch Media, whose platform provides unique opportunities to drive revenue, gain deep customer insights, and offer personalized experiences and targeted marketing. CEO Yaacov Ben-Yaacov explains why being data-driven is crucial to Catch Media’s success: “Through our platform we track over 300 million users, with millions of pieces of metadata processed in real-time, cross-referenced with 10s of billions of transactions processed. To drive lifetime value for our clients and partners, such as Sony, Hungama, Thai Telecom (AIS), and others, we are passionate about segmenting, communicating, and engaging with consumers in a meaningful way. This requires sophisticated and scalable data analytics, which we were lacking.”

“The database we had simply wasn’t scalable and enterprise-ready enough to grow with us”, he continues. “When we looked at alternatives, we were keen to avoid any solution that locked us into a particular data storage model, i.e., on-premise or cloud-based, as we want to offer our clients flexibility. We also didn’t want to see escalating costs as we grew to be more sophisticated and therefore more demanding of the data.”

General analytics platforms such as Adobe and Google Analytics are not tailored to understand content. From a technical perspective, Catch Media needed a solution which could real-time filter, pivot, and query up-to-date and historical data at a granular level. We wanted to segment audiences and provide each consumer with individualized content offerings. The solution needed to handle streams of app updates as well as large batches, i.e., one billion records, from content distributors.

Because Vertica is so scalable, we can query an unlimited amount of historical data without the need for pre-aggregation. Combining real-time consumption data analytics with the available metadata gives us the personal insight to drive the right content to the right consumer at the right time.

Yaacov Ben-Yaacov
Founder and CEO
Catch Media



Extensive market research and evaluations showed OpenText™ Vertica™ to be the right solution for Catch Media, as Ben-Yaacov comments: “We love Vertica’s (now part of OpenText) ability to manage joins so that we can offer our clients one-to-many relationships. It also deals with EPG and metadata updates in a much more sophisticated way than we’d seen with other big data platforms. The different hosting options, on-premise and cloud-based, are important to our clients, who need this flexibility to comply with increased data privacy regulations, such as GDPR. We also like the price/performance balance Vertica gives us.”

With OpenText Vertica at the heart of the Catch Media platform, the road is clear to drive customer lifetime value through data-driven engagements. The analytics provide a deep understanding, with the system delivering pre-set dashboards and reports for different users and departments within the client base. Catch Media knows that different departments have different Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and these goals are visualized so that organizations can manage by objective and track progress of achieving their goals.

Data is collected from multiple sources and in different formats. Cross-referenced and enriched with metadata, this flows into OpenText Vertica Analytics Platform for detailed descriptive analytics and data visualization. Audiences are defined through contextual segmentation and content effectiveness is carefully managed.


Ben-Yaacov explains: “Because Vertica is so scalable, we can query an unlimited amount of historical data without the need for pre-aggregation. Combining real-time consumption data analytics with the available metadata gives us the personal insight to drive the right content to the right consumer at the right time.”

Catch Media is clear that data insights provide the key to customer loyalty and that all-important Right-Time-Experience (RTE). According to Ben-Yaacov: “The Catch Media platform is all about providing personal insight into content consumption for our clients. We have shown a 50 percent increase in engagement through the effective segmentation of consumers into distinct audiences that can be targeted in real-time with messaging and recommendations personalized to their content consumption behavior.”

Vertica gives us the performance, scalability, flexibility, and pricing structure to help our clients engage consumers, drive lifetime value, and increase revenues.

Yaacov Ben-Yaacov
Founder and CEO
Catch Media

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The Catch Media platform enables clients to provide and monetize great digital experiences for their users by delivering appropriate, timely, and seamless interactions across devices and markets. Catch Media licensees create opportunities while more effectively connecting with their constituents through context-aware promotions messaging and content delivery.