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Hydro One

Combined Solutions from OpenText and SAP Readies Hydro One for the New Energy Era

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Energy Enterprise creates an effective customer information system, positions organization for millions in benefits with major transformation project

We now have more opportunities to give customers what they’re looking for in a timely and accurate way. Combining all outbound communications with all inbound correspondence enables us to establish a 360 degree customer view and real-time interactions across all channels.

Ian McIntyre, Technical Solution Architect, Hydro One


  • Changing customer expectations
  • Complexities in managing exponential growth of information
  • High business costs
  • Lack of transparency and slow decision making due to multiple, disparate technology systems



  • Automated, cost-efficient customer communications
  • 26 percent reduction in manual correspondence transactions
  • Retirement of 20 current systems, including mainframe
  • Enhanced productivity and lower costs; estimated $150 million benefits in 7 years

About Hydro One

With close to 6,000 employees, Hydro One—owned by the province of Ontario, Canada—delivers electricity to 1.3 million rural and industrial customers, accounting for close to 97 percent of Ontario’s transmission capacity.