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The BUHLMANN GROUP Installs Automatic Fax Distribution with OpenText RightFax


Lowering operating, capital, and maintenance costs

Employees must be able to rely on the fax solution at all times; delivery must take place correctly, the exchange of documents must be completely traceable, and, thus, legally binding. With OpenText RightFax, we have just such a solution on tap.

Thilo Wolfram, Senior Support Manager, THE BUHLMANN GROUP


  • Continuing fax exchange of thousands of documents from ERP and Office applications
  • Keeping administration costs low despite rising numbers of staff and locations



  • Receiving and sending faxes is completely documented, transparent, and legally binding
  • Central installation, intuitive administration, integration capability, and scalability reduce administrative effort and costs and support corporate growth
  • Savings in capital and maintenance costs and increased productivity due to versatility and stability of the solution


The BUHLMANN GROUP is a globally active trading company for steel pipes, pipe connectors, and pipe accessories, and supplies companies all over the world in the energy, petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas, shipbuilding, and mechanical engineering sectors. Their range of services extends from supplying complete piping systems to building pipelines and to project planning, purchasing management, delivery logistics, and the provision of spare parts. The BUHLMANN GROUP offers classic and innovative services from a single source. As part of the consistent drive for internationalisation, since 2008 alone, subsidiaries in China, Singapore, Thailand, Argentina, Russia, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates have begun operations. The BUHLMANN GROUP employs more than 650 staff at 26 locations in 18 countries.