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Office of the Connecticut State Comptroller

OpenText Helps The State of Connecticut Streamline Management of Employee Retirement Records

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Integrated document management capabilities helps agency to capture, retrieve and store information by automating manual business processes

This project is so successful that the state employees are happy to demo the system to other agencies and organizations. That's completely unheard of in state government.

David Wemett, Technical Analyst at the Office of The Connecticut State Comptroller.


  • Limited storage for volumes of paper and electronic information generated during daily operations
  • Burden of processing the capture, retrieval and storage of information
  • Records not easily accessible



  • Inefficient manual processes now automated
  • Information consolidated in a single, secure, managed repository
  • Documents needed for legal or regulatory compliance are collected, filed and stored in the repository 
  • Complete case folders, containing various document types, can be easily located, retrieved quickly from a single repository and displayed in a single universal viewer
  • RSD can get more work done faster, with fewer people, better accuracy and less paper.

About Office of the Connecticut State Comptroller

As agent of the State Employees Retirement Commission, the Retirement Services Division, within the Office of the Connecticut State Comptroller administers all state pension plans except the Teachers Retirement System, providing a comprehensive package of services ranging from pre-retirement counseling to post-mortem accounting.