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Ensuring compliance

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Utility company improves its bottom line with records management solution

For us, the implementation of OpenText Document Management and Records Management was about replacing old, unsupported systems. Without moving to these products, our business wouldn’t have survived. We have ensured security and visibility of information, are compliant with legislate requirements, and we no longer have to worry about lost or misplaced documents.

Marcus Darbyshire,Chief Information Officer,South East Water


South East Water needed to meet compliance with legislative requirements and wanted to replace outdated, unsupported and non-compliant systems. South East Water also needed to address the growing need for electronic records, eliminate lost or misplaced documents and reduce workflow time.



South East Water now has compliance with the required government regulations and security and visibility of record documents. They've increased employee productivity as the latest document versions are now available 24x7. Customer response times have also seen a significant improvement.

About South East Water

South East Water provides water and sewerage services to more than a million people across 3,500 square kilometers, with more than five million documents in storage.