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Mid Bedfordshire District Council

The First Local Authority Implements a Corporate-wide Electronic Document and Records Management System

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OpenText: Improving Workflow across Mid Bedfordshire District Council

OpenText eDOCS RKYV CSP has enabled us to effortlessly merge our offices—by allowing us to take existing paper documents and make them available electronically and instantly. This eliminates the need to physically relocate documents, and the need for office storage space.

Clive Jones, Director of Customer Services, Mid Bedfordshire District Council


Business Challenges
• Managing information across a major UK regional government body
• Manual system doesn’t support policy goals and provide fast, secure access to information for citizens
• Inefficient and unsecure access to information for citizens • Inefficient and unsecure access to information for citizens
• Needs to improve productivity and collaboration between departments



Business Benefits
• Massive cost and times savings
• Central document management system enables instant archiving, editing, tracking and access to documents
• Streamlined overall business processes
• Ensures compliance with information privacy regulations

About Mid Bedfordshire District Council

Mid Bedfordshire District Council provides a comprehensive portfolio of public services to its 120,000 residents. Primarily, its challenges are that of any local authority—to provide a cost-effective, citizen-centric service delivery environment while meeting Central Government-led performance targets.