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OpenText Exstream supports business growth and delivers consistent branding

OpenText Exstream creates clear, meaningful communications, so people understand them. This reduces expensive call inquiries from confused clients. High-quality documents get peoples’ full attention and deliver our messages more effectively.

Fred Cook, Chief Information Officer, BlueShore Financial


• Required high quality print output to get clients’ attention
• Need for materials that will support its brand and add value
• Desire to combine credit card, debit card and insurance information into a single statement to provide clients with an overall view of their finances



• Creates, manages and delivers documents via a single platform, generating more than 28,000 statement files in 30 minutes
• Creates e-brochures and on-demand print materials in-branch, supporting a planned change in channel alignment
• Produces professional looking communications that support marketing promotions and ensures consistent branding

About BlueShore Financial

BlueShore Financial is full-service financial institution offering a wide range of banking, borrowing, wealth management, insurance and business solutions.